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Name: Stacy j.
Birthday: 4th of September, 1992.
Live: Melbourne, Australia
Big dream: make a living in some way that I'm gonna make big $$$ yet be happy; sounds tacky but true.
Occupation: student but have been piano teacher & retail assistant
What's next: Noosa, Queensland in November for sand, surf and fun! uni next year I suppose.
Personal style: a big mix of op-shop, high-end sale stock and chainstore fashion.
Shoes: boots, sneakers, flats. I'm a practical girl.
Jewellery: I'm ze ring girl! RINGS RINGS RINGS :)
Hair: long + black, deciding whether to keep growing or cut short atm
Fashion tip: black and grey are god
Beauty secret: dry shampoo and eyelash curler = amazeee
Obsessed with: poetry, dresses, DIY and old sheet music
Favourite dress: out of my collection? my two Alannah Hill dresses, one of which you've seen :)
Favourite city: Florence, Italy so far. Paris was fairly good too <3
Favourite music: classical, jazz, rock - I love a mix
Favourite food: pumpkin soup, tofu and ice-cream
Favourite drink: chai & vodka, not together!
Favourite book: oooh too many! I love literature.
Personal motto: You make it happen.
Style icon: fashion bloggers and my friends
First thing in the morning: water (to wash face + drink)
Last thing before bed: tea, hand cream and my bed

xxx what do you want to read/see from me?

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