Happy un-birthday, Jesus!

I'm not making excuses but I did have VCE exams, then schoolies, then I've been working at Forever New the past few weeks and partying hard too ;)

ANYWAY. Did you guys know that the 25th of December is not Jesus' REAL birthday? :O
Me and my cousin Jennifer decided to take some snaps of our festively green outfits at the family lunch we had on Christmas.
As usual, I ate too much. But that's okay, I promised myself I would slim down this Summer so the gym and I have a date tomorrow!!

Don't Ask Amanda dress Forever New canvas wedges Mum's white tights Volcom bag Target black blazer Forever New bangles

And of course Xmas wouldn't be complete without a family snap, including the gorgeous little Houdini held in Angus' arms :)

I hope every babe and dude out there in the blogosphere had a great Christmas 2010, and I'm hoping that 2011 will be a year to remember :)



Hey guys! So 2threads, style network extraordinare, along with Smirnoff's Cocktails have invited me to share my "getting ready to go out" moment!

I only turned legal this year, but I've already pretty much taken advantage of my coming-of-age, with heaps of nights out with my best friend Em even during Year 12, when I supposedly should be "studying" all night ;)

Soo first of all, outfit.
Well, there's definitely no shortage of pieces to pick for my nights out. My best tip is to just choose one statement piece of clothing and work with it.

Black is a no-fail option, so I pretty much resort to that half the time! Here I'm wearing a black lace dress from Lolitta, and Em is wearing a purple dress of mine from Myers. We stuck to the bare minimum of anything else, especially for clubbing - no humongous jewellery or towering shoes!

Okay, next we have make-up and hair, I have to say I'm no expert at this aspect, but here I've made a little collage of the process for you:

My bag must-haves:

1. ID
2. Some spare cash (cab, drinks, just-in-case)
3. Lipstick/powder for touch-ups
4. Phone
6. Flats, for a quick fix to those 3am blisters!


- Look confident, all that time spent getting ready wasn't for nothing you know :D
- Dance. No one is gonna judge you. Seriously. Shake it!!
- Have pre-drinks at someone's house beforehand; drinks are just crazily expensive and the buzz will also ensure that you're relaxed when you get to the venue!

Oh, and don't forget to take some photos of the actual night too, and enjoy yourself responsibly girls!

Thanks 2threads for this fun little challenge, I had so much fun answering their time questionnaire last time, and I just realised that I forgot to share with you that I indeed won a Storm watch! AH IT'S SO YUMMY :)

And Smirnoff cocktails are also yummy, click for more info:


PS. Last exam tomorrow, WEOW!

I covet...

Viktor Vauthier's photography!

Awesome head-gear this Spring. Get into it, Melbournites! Spring racing is hereeee :D

Frankie B. Collection; Spring/Summer 2011

PS. For Aussie readers, check out Covetish, a site which collates the best Australian e-retailers in one site. You can seek what you covet like never before - search across hundreds of fashion retail sites in a single click! It's pretty darn awesome :)

Right now, you can
Just register, by clicking the link above, and tell them where you'd wear your summer wishlist, adding as many pieces as you want to your wishlist! I really want to win this :D

Oh aaaaaaand. I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER NOW! Except for the next couple of weeks' worth of VCE exams. Guh. Lord help me.


Sources: viktorvauthier, melbourne street fashion, denimblog

TGIF: good news!

Hey everyone, good news! I received my Lucky13 dress in the mail today!! Totally exciting, and I can't wait to wear it on schoolies in Qld, and all through the summer, it's so hot. Thank you to Lucky 13 and to Margeret from Shine By Three for the awesome prize.

I luuurve the open back and mini-length! Couldn't wait to snap some pics haha, you can see my school bag in the background and I'm still wearing my school scrunchie ha!

Argh I've also had a pretty tiring week coming back to school after a pretty relaxing three-week Spring break! Good news is: I only have two more weeks of Year 12, then exams, then Queensland for sun, sand and sea :)

Sorry for all this random ranting, but I'm pretty darn happy at the moment. I also got the job for Forever New!! I can't wait for that tasty 40% discount, *giggle*.

Hoe pretty are these dresses? *sigh* Ii'm going to spend my whole paycheck on all this beautiful summer-y clothing!

Thought I might post a quick pic of the outfit I wore to another job interview I had, for a store called Bardot, another fashion chain store in Australia, which I wasn't successful in. I had just got my wisdom teeth out though, so I could hardly talk!! Hence no face in the photo :P

Floral shirt - 18th birthday gift; Shorts - op-shop & DIY; Belt - vintage; Trench coat - Target.


Little Paradise - Gabrielle Wang
A gorgeous book about Mirabel, a 17-year-old Asian girl who designs clothes for others, yet can never design that perfect garment for herself. A truly touching tale based on the true story of Wang's mother - read if you enjoy romance, fashion, semi-biographical texts! :)


Maurie & Eve Wedge

Feline Frenzy dress

Lover lace-trimmed silk shorts

Sass & Bide 'The Art Beat' tank

Ah, have a good weekend everyone! I shall be studying, going to a performance by the Australian Art Orchestra for the Melbourne Arts Festival and attending an 18th dinner at a posh restaurant. Photos to come, soon hopefully <3

Thanks for continuing the following despite my crap-blogger-ness lovelies,

Image src: myself, forever new, polyvore, google images



Ah gosh, this is amazing. The models look so delicate and alien in a beautiful way, and the clothing is just...scrumptious. Mmmmm.

Title: Lace Value
Magazine: Vogue Australia September 2010
Models: Codie Young, Rosemary Smith
Photographer: Nicole Bentley
Stylist: Meg Gray

My job interview went pretty well btw. Fingers crossed for the job!
Ah, back to studying again. Have a nice day, pretties.


PS. Here is the Wikifashion screenshot haha. So happy, wew :)

PPS. Thank you to Margeret from Shine By Three who has chosen me as the winner of her give-away to win a fantastic Lucky13 summer dress! YAYYYY!

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