Cotton On Led Zeppelin tank ($29 I think...)
Decjuba scarf
Supre check shorts ($10)
Supre felt hat ($20)

It's official - lumberjack chic, if that's even a thing, is my new fave. Check shirts around waists, tartan blouses, and now these cute little shorts which I got from *shock, horror* Supre! They were only $10 and they are super, super comfortable. This is definitely a purchase I did not see coming, as I actually went into Supre only to check out the felt hats which I saw on another blogger's instagram :')

Melbourne is giving us more warm weather so my legs are out to play! Even though it probably won't, I hope it stays this way! (#imapoetandididntevenknowit)

Happy weekend lovers, I'm going to Werribee Mansion tonight to celebrate two years with my lovely boyfriend! :D

x x Stace

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One Teaspoon baggies // Kmart knit // Aacute necklace // PARED sunglasses

Sunny days galore, it's weird how as soon as I start saying winter's here, and put away my sunglasses into the drawer, it gets warm again!! Guess Summer still isn't letting go although I have a feeling this might be its last hurrah. Boyfriend jeans are still my go to because I can sit in them for ages and eat meals without feeling annoyed like I do with skinny jeans. The only prob is when it's windy my knees suffer greatly. Sorry knees...

One Teaspoon definitely has my heart - I'm saving up to get a black pair of boyfriend jeans from them too that can wear to uni :) Speaking of uni, I feel quite excited as I have only one more week of classes + exams, then I officially FINISH my music degree! Wewwwww well that's if I pass everything but...so far so good guys.

Happy hump day errybody.

x x Stace

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You know how some people are hand bag people, and some people are clothing people, and some people are shoe people?

Well...I'm definitely a shoe person. As in, I buy a lot of pairs of shoes and haven't thrown away any. As in, I've run out of room under my bed, on my bookshelf and even taken up a shelf in the lounge-room for my beautiful shoes. It's kind of horrifying but at the same time I can't stop & I won't stop.

My newest addition is a pair of Witchery suede & ponyhair low heeled boots which are perfect for work (teaching at a high-school & and also private piano teaching) because they are classy & elegant yet also professional. They're also similar to my Wittner ponyhair pair that I've worn to death - I wish I'd bought two pairs at the time because I love them and am sad they have fallen apart! Although I'm also pretty annoyed at myself coz I wore these new ones before waterproofing them and the suede is already scuffed, boooo >:(

WITCHERY Lauren Boot (sold out in my colour but you can still them in Asphalt Grey instead)

I also bought these Tony Bianco boots, which are a copy of the Acne version and are from last season. Nabbed them in my size off eBay for maybe a third of the price at which they retailed last Winter, score! These boots super remind me of when I was 5 and in prep and I had little gusseted brown chelsea boots with a pull on tab. Except they are made of super sleek leather and have a good sized heel that will make me look 6 foot :)

TONY BIANCO Brave boots (old season)

Any suggestions for what I should do with my ballooning shoe collection? It's fast becoming a problem...hmm.

Anyway, happy Friday. Yes it's FRI-YAYYYYY and next week marks two years with my boyfriend. Although we're both busy this weekend I'm sure I will have some nice photos to show you guys at some point of what we do :)

x x Stace

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Gorman has always loved a good print. And so do I. That's why it seems I tend to post about every second Gorman collection that ever gets released, and why I adore Gorman's quirky & fun pieces. Animal print, checks, stripes, veggies and more feature in their ever colourful clothing.

This Winter - refer to last post if you wanna know why winter is officially here - Gorman excites yet again with 'Never smile at a crocodile'. Featuring (you guessed it smarty pants) a cute as heck cartoon crocodile print & cactuses! Wait, I think the right word I'm looking for is cacti hah. And warm knits and a perfect gloomy blue/green colour palette, a keyhole graphic and boxy cuts and super platform heels. I'm officially re-in love with Gorman, if that's even a possible thing lol.

My fave pieces? The keyhole print jacket, the leather skirt & the fluffy navy jumper ♥

Crocodile lovers be on guard...some of these clothes have dropped in already I believe! So shop if you dare. & if your wallet allows ;)

x x Stace

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It's officially WINTER here in Melbourne now.

How do I know? Well...the fact that my windscreen is all frosted when I get up early is one sign. Feeling constantly chilled to the bone by the wind when walking to the bus stop is another. Thinking about the feeling of hot tea in my stomach all day is yet another. And I have the sniffles. It's damn cold, alright!

Anyway, I'm one of those weird people that likes sitting by a heater and eating ice-cream while snuggled in a blanket. So I made myself a clean & healthy fruity creamy cold treat that also contains Vitamin C to combat those pesky colds that tend to strike around now. Recommended: wear a scarf while making & eating this kiwibanana treat.

Super easy to make, and delicious too.


2-3 frozen bananas
2 kiwis
1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder, any flavour is okay though :)
A splash of almond/soy/quinoa/rice/any milk of your choice


1. Blend 2 bananas or so (your choice of how much you want) with enough milk to make the mixture a little less frozen. If you want a more ice-creamy texture don't add as much milk.

2. Add the kiwis and protein powder and blend until just combined.

3. Pour the stuff in a bowl and garnish with the rest of the fruit on top.

Voila. Have a lovely Mother's Day Weekend err'ybody!

x x Stace

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