Oh my god. Look at this print.

Oh my god. Look at this print.

I don't want none, unless you got lobsters, seagulls & chips hun ;)

Haha lame lyric substitution aside, HOW AMAZING IS THIS COLLECTION! I am soo so keen for Summer and beach hangs and all these awesome pieces. This collection is so super cutesy seaside themed with pretty blues and lobster, fishing net, and seagull prints put onto everything from bucket hats to bikinis. I also love the nautical stripes and polka-dots and I love the cool tropical palm tree embroidered top! You will definitely have fun in the sun with Gorman's new collection. I mean honestly, I would DIE to own that seagull/chip bikini combo. AHH.

Gorman's summer collection will be available from October and can be found in Gorman stores and online at gormanshop.com.au :)

x x Stace

(Content for this post stolen from and-other-things.com ♥)

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So, Karl Lagerfeld's kitty Choupette is set to star in her very own line of accessories! The cartoon version of the fluffy feline, called Monster Choupette, is cute but a little angry looking... Apparently, according to WWD, these accessories are going to hit Karl Lagerfeld stores in November this year! The range will include totes, shoes, scarves and shirts.

Pretty cute huh?

x Stace

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It's school holidays!! That means a couple of weeks off from teaching, that means sleep-ins, that means getting to catch up with fam & friends. School holidays is happiness. Not that I dislike my job, in fact I love it. But, as one of my Year 9 students so eloquently put it, "Miss, now you won't have to see your annoying students for two weeks!!" HAHA. Here I am just monkeying around in a lumberjack-inspired casual outfit for first weekend of school hols.

Country Road check wrap shirt
One Teaspoon Awesome Baggies boyfriend jeans
Windsor Smith cut out boots

Seriously, I love my OT baggies so so much, I have them in this dark navy and also in a lighter blue. The obssession continues!! I think I'm gonna be living in my boyfriend jeans and baggy shirts, it's the perfect trans-seasonal weather for holey jeans :P

Happy weekend/school holis!

x x Stace

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This was the show I bought tickets to with some girlfriends - I didn't realise that my media pass was a VIP seat and only realised when we went to get our free champagne and it was "VIP only, sorry". Haha! It was a really fun experience to go with a different bunch of friends than last time, even though we weren't in the greatest seating position.

Recap and some of my fave looks of the night, which centred on Street Wear in Melbourne -

BĂșl was everything draping which was both elegant and laid-back. Perfect for a Melbourne girl who doesn't want to wear booty shorts and a crop top (hehe). There were monochromatic tones and neutrals punctuated with a deep mustard yellow and gorgeous navy and eggshell blue.

Gorman I was really looking forward to - a lot of the looks had already dropped in store though so it wasn't that 'new' as such, but they did have some great prints floating around and I love that little cropped denim. Many classic pieces I can totally see hanging in my wardrobe :P

Kuwaii has modern chic covered with sleek, clean silhouettes and cuts and a gorgeous palette of blues and whites, perfect cruise feel. I love the inky stripey pattern, we all love a breton stripe but it's fun to see them recreated slightly differently!


Runway 3 on Thursday the 4th of September was utterly captivating, free spirited, vibrant and delicately detailed. It was all about embellishments and a bunch of talented designers, along with a handful of live musicians, transported me to a gorgeous landscape of colour, texture and life.

Here is my breakdown of the trends and some of my favourite looks of the night.

Yeojin Bae was filled with sleek and chic block colours, a mixture of pastels and brighter hues mixed with black. This collection featured strong geometric straps and cut-outs, and clean silhouettes and lines.

Thurley was probably the most impressive showing of the night, for me at least. A plethora of dreamy white gowns with splits, sheer accents and long flowing lace paraded down the runway before evolving into fierce, metallic and warrior-like pieces. There was extravagant embellishment, structural beauty and lots of volume and character throughout.



So Justin's lovely mum Louisa invited me to go to the gym with her Monday morning. I was super keen to try it out so I said yes. Only downside: I had to meet her at 7am. I didn't go to bed til past midnight. The struggle was real. I'm hoping that some of you guys know what I'm talking about - I am definitely a night owl as opposed to an early bird. Which is why when I got this BOOHOO.com t-shirt in the mail, it pretty much screamed out 'perfect for me'!

Boohoo slogan t-shirt
Staple the Label mesh midi skirt
Valleygirl coat

I took these snaps at a decent time - around midday - near the Sunshine railway tracks and was actually dying of heat from wearing my coat. Been a lazy lazy blogger so photos aren't edited, and I'm not wearing any accessories or make-up. Hmmm maybe we can just call it minimalism haha.

More MSFW posts to go up soon too btw, so keep checking back :)

x x Stace

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Melbourne Spring Fashion Week has kicked off again! It heralds the beginning of Spring (and of course my birthday - it's TODAY!). I'm really lucky to be attending a few Designer Runway shows this week.

We began with Runway #1 was a couture affair with designer Gwendolynne sharing her beautifully created vintage style designs alongside Aurelio Costarella, Carla Zampatti, Dom Bagnato, JASONGRECH, Nicolangela, Anaessia and Michael Lo Sordo - featuring some beautiful outfits floating down the runway and incredible hair! Here are some of my favourite looks.

Anaessia dreaminess!

Carla Zampatti

Details from Gwendolynne, breathtaking as usual. I know where I'm getting my wedding dress from in the future ;)

JASON GRECH - how amazing are those hairpieces!?

Stunning formalwear from Nicolangela

Somehow this all pastel pink everything looks attractive to me!
Michael Lo Sordo, you've done it again.

The highlight for me was the make up and the hair, absolutely breathtaking! A job well done.

Can't wait for Runway 3 tonight and Runway 4 tomorrow with some of my beautiful best friends, what a birthday :)


x x Stace

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