Aloha! It's been a while since my last post. There is a lot going on in my life right now, and I'm really enjoying every aspect of it. I've been feeling inspired, healthy & happy :) I've started my Masters (The people that I'm studying Music Therapy with are all incredible people - I guess creative types and helpers are drawn to each other), ended a long-term relationship which was unhealthy and (soon) I am moving house - it's like a fresh start. Sometimes you just need that in your life; for me, right now is one of those times.

What better way to celebrate a fresh start than with new shoes - I've been sent a gorgeous pair of silver leather sandals from Alohas, and they are shiny/pretty, good quality, unique and practical. Pretty much fulfils my requirements for a good shoe, and they have been running a high rotation lately, even if the weather in Melbourne has been a little weird.

The leather is buttery soft, and they are super easy to slip on and off. Plus, they're flat. So no falling over curbs and wobbling my way around haha. My level of coordination is kinda non-existent! Silver leather is also a new obssession - these shoes are fuelling my love with shiny silver things. Check my new watch/bracelet/knit :P I'll let the photos do the talking anyhow.

Alohas leather sandals - Witchery zip knit - American Apparel skirt - Mimco Sportivo watch & bracelet

This is a super simple outfit I wore to the movies with my lovely photo-lady Kayla, lately I've been drawn to simplistic outfits with minimal jewellery and maximum comfort. I'm also being aware of buying things that are ethical and also sustainable. I learnt a little bit about Alohas and was very impressed with what the company has done. Alohas don't have a box packaging to minimise waste, and are also handmade - the soles are made from recycled tyre rubber! I decided to have a Q&A with the founder of Alohas, Ale.

Where did you grow up and how has that influenced who you are today?

I have been born and raised in Barcelona until I was 16. Once I turned 16 I have been traveling the world and living in different places because [of] soccer.

However, the 2 places that have influenced the most has been Barcelona and Hawaii. From Barcelona I take the special vibe of the city and its people. It is a very multi-ethnical city with fashion influences from all over the world. Hawaii has also had a big impact in me because its aloha lifestyle, of living sustainable and living from the Aina, (land), and love each other.

How did you first get into the field of designing shoes?

During one of my trips people were stopping in the streets asking about the shoes I was wearing. After so many people asking me the same question I realized that it was a great opportunity to take this design and make it sustainable friendly.

Where do you find your inspiration from from creating something new?

Each one of the experiences that we have shapes us in a certain way. In all the places that I have lived has changed me and my style and is where i get the inspiration from. I tried to get the best from each places I know and put it together.

Tell me about a pair of shoes you'll never forget. I am summer person, not just because of the warm weather but also for the conformability of the clothing. During my summers I have always worn two traditional spanish shoes, the espadrille, and the sandals where Alohas Sandals come from, the avarcas.

Do you have a "shoe motto"?

Yes! Life is better with Alohas! :) Mahalo, Ale

I love the whole philosophy behind the Alohas brand! If you do too, check them out using the links below :)

Alohas AU Facebook
ALOHAS AU Instagram

Hope everyone had a great Easter. For all my fellow uni peeps, happy mid-sem break, enjoy it while it lasts! xx



Witchery V-splice tee | Lorna Jane Manhattan mesh jacket | Staple the Label skirt (similar here) | Nike sky hi dunks | Supre fedora (similar here) | Zara clutch (similar here)

So the season we all love - Summer - is over. Although Melbourne is surely bound to have a few more scorchers, beach days are over as everyone goes back to uni/school/work schedules and the leaves start falling off the trees.

No more flowy crochet tops and tiny denim shorts, so what do you wear inbetween the heat of Summer and the coat-appropriate Winter days? The answer is - get yourself some layering pieces in Khaki.

Yes, khaki. Army green. That icky colour that you get when you mix all your paints together.

It's actually quite a versatile colour, it goes well with anything black or white, but also with your favourite denim jeans and with some nautical stripes. It's popping up everywhere as a wearable colour this year. It's official, khaki green is in.

While I wouldn't advise to go and buy yourself those camouflage pants we all used to have in primary school, you should jump on board and try a khaki tshirt or even a khaki pair of pants to spice up your wardrobe. I'm liking it so much I have fingers crossed that it's not just a passing trend. I vote Khaki the new beige!

What do you think of the colour? Do you own any khaki clothes?

x x Stace

SHOP KHAKI TOPS: Wrap blouse, V-neck kimono top, Hi-neck T-shirt

SHOP KHAKI BOTTOMS: Cigarette pant, Utility short, Midi skirt



Glassons top // Thailand markets skirt // The New Punjab bangle // Lovisa ring, necklace & temp. tattoos // Witchery espadrilles

When this little gem of a bangle arrived on my doorstep, it brought a little more sparkle into my life. For anyone that knows me, I ADORE anything sparkly, shiny or glittering. Glitter and sparkle represents the stuff that seems to be disappearing from our ever busy lifes - creativity, soul, yearning and simple carelessness. It reminds me glitter paint, and making our own necklaces in primary school; it reminds me of crazy imaginations and fairy costumes.

As soon as I put it on, I knew what kind of outfit it needed to go with - something flowy, free and completely comfortable. This white flowy top instantly makes me feel like a bohemian gypsy and I love it!! My maxi skirt, which I bought in the markets at Thailand, is not only one of my most comfortable skirts, but also involves one of my favourite trips where I got lost in the culture and landscape of a whole new world. My outfits get boring when I go to work, as much as I love clothes, I forget about it because I'm too focussed on other boring adult details. I vow to wear this pretty bangle as much as possible and remember to have fun during my day, because I owe it to myself :)

Like I've said before, this year is going to be a busy one and I'll have uni, placement, working at the high-schools, plus trying to keep creating content for the blog & keep my social life (what social life?! lol) intact as well. But I'm going to try and prioritise the sparkly things in life too - painting my nails, spending an afternoon with temporary tattoos, dressing up and all that jazz!

Mushy stuff done. Check out the awesome label behind my bangle - The New Punjab. The bangle I styled is part of the second collection from The New Punjab, called 'Royal Raj'. Each bold statement jewellery piece differs slightly in size and shape as they are precious stones and not one piece is alike! All The New Punjab items are made in small quantities and aren’t meant to be mass-produced. So it's definitely limited edition. If you like what you see, go and give this little local label some love :) Inspired by the colourful and vibrant culture of India, and drawing from her own family heritage, designer Cheri Flewell-Smith has also created a mix of modern, eclectic and ethnic goods ranging from accessories to home furnishings that are available online. I've possibly got an interview with Cheri lined up, so stay tuned!!

The New Punjab

Follow & like on their Facebook page and for updates & like @the_new_punjab on Instagram for some seriously gorgeous Indian inspiration.

x x Stace



Lisa Gorman has just recently launched her Autumn 2015 campaign, which was shot in Hayama, Japan. Considering I just got back from Japan, it only makes me miss the country even more! This collection has an other-worldly feel about it, suggesting the change in season to the cooler weather, longer nights and shorter days. It’s about the happenings out there in the quiet, stillness of nature and the beauty of balance between earth, animal and sky.

The new collection features Gorman's typical gorgeous details such as the green fern print, a cute yet brilliant moth embroidery motif, metallic flashes and an abstract jigsaw pattern of chopped up shapes filtered across kimonos, flowy skirts, shift dresses and soft cotton tees.

Some of the clothes have started dropping into Gorman stores already, so if Autumn excites you (it's my fave season), definitely check it out!

x x Stace

PS. Check out Frankie's post on this collection for the beautiful campaign video. I watched it three times ♥

images from gormanshop.com.au



Sportsgirl jacket, crop top & sunnies Cotton On skirt Nike dunks

I managed to make my first post of 2015 before the end of January. (just!) I spent the first few weeks of this year in Japan, one of the most incredible countries I've seen. It was freezing though, I don't think there was a single dayover 10 degrees! I'm glad to be back to slightly warmer weather where I can bare my legs :) If you haven't seen any photos, check out my Instagram for a few snaps! While it's great to be back, sorting out my whole backlog of work emails, letters, responsibilities etc etc has been a major pain in the butt.

Since this is my first post, I thought I'd share my goals for the year. I know whenever a blogger or anyone for that matter talks about "New Year's Resolutions" it's a big fat lump of cheesiness and cliche, but honestly I don't think I could start any year without setting myself a few goals. People tend to make unrealistic resolutions; ones that are either unachievable or too vague. Sometimes you have to think outside the box and really reflect on what it is that needs to change this year.

So in 2015, I vow to get my priorities straight. I vow to make sure I spend my time doing the things that matter to me - spending time with family, making music, creating content, writing & reading, and me time. Last year I really didn't know how to say no to work offers, and ended up doing way too much with way too little reward. This year I'm only going to work 3 days a week and focus on starting uni as well as keeping my hobbies afloat.

I also plan to find my style. What does that mean? Well, I buy a lot of clothes. Because I like clothes. But sometimes, I feel like my wardrobe is just too cluttered with things that don't suit me, or things that don't go with anything else I own. I don't really have one distinct 'style' and I'd really like to discover what that is. So I'm going to dedicate time to cleaning out my wardrobe and making a list of what I really need and want. Eventually, hopefully...I'll end up with a wardrobe full of things that I love and wear all the time.

I guess along the way I'll think of other goals, but for now this should do.
What goals do you have for 2015? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

x x Stace



You're probably all sick of the constant Melbournian rant of "ugh, thanks for the four-seasons-in-a-day weather"
but here it is again. Just when I think I can put my coats into storage and bring out my 'kinis, we get more stormy/rainy
(cue: strange) days where I don't know whether to wear a skirt and brave the morning cold, or wear jeans and scorch in
the afternoon sun, and either way I have to make sure I have an umbrella on me or else risk getting drenched.

The one positive thing about Spring being a mixture of everything is I get to actually wear all of my wardrobe,
both hot & cold appropriate clothing. I honestly didn't think I'd have a chance to wear my new Cameo the Label
knit jumper before my Japan trip in January, but turns out woohoo I can :D

Cameo the Label The Way knit (purchase here, here and here)
Staple the Label sting-ray shorts (purchase here and here)
Sportsgirl sunglasses (shop the range here)

This knit is hand-knitted, cable-knit, salt & pepper awesome sauce! It's cozy and has an awesome shape to it.
It's definitely going to run a high rotation in Japan and next year in Winter too. Happy Monday, hope your week is going better than mine so far - I've been drenched in rain & had my shift cancelled at work. Eh, it's only Monday. There's only one way to go now and that's up! ;) x x Stace



Stripes. I have an inexplainable attraction to stripes. I seriously have about 5 blue & white striped tops in my wardrobe and everytime I see one in a shop I have to pick it up/try it on! I think it's because I'm slightly obssessed with anything nautical. A sailor dress and anything with anchors is also on my wishlist. Anyway, I've been searching for the perfect striped skirt for a while now, and I finally found one when I was on my way home from work last week.

Staple the Label cross-over shirt / Country Road neoprene stripe skirt / Evil Twin bralette / Rayban aviators from Vision Direct

My other wish-list item that has finally been fulfilled is a white shirt. Just plain, no embellishments, no cut outs, no weird collars, no see-through bits and definitely not one of those old people shirts - something classic but modern. It's surprising how difficult it was to find one. This Staple the Label baby is a beautiful soft material that drapes over my body and has a lovely cross-over front part which shows a peek of what's underneath. I'm thinking maybe a safety pin for when I go to work so I don't accidentally flash any of the students LOL.

I can really see the white shirt & striped skirt running on high rotation for the rest of Spring and into Summer. What must-have wish-list items do you have for the warmer months? I also need a pair of flats - I live in boots & they are on their way out, even though I drag Winter out as long as possible it's way too warm now!

x x Stace

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