Grandpa's jumper <3


Home-made sweater Target wet-look leggings Miss Shop belt (worn backwards) I dunno, random? rubber slip-on shoes..

This dress is a home-made hand-me-down; my grandma actually made it for my grandpa! Cute, huh? :)

I'm still wearing knits, which is a bit disappointing because I am officially over winter. Well, not really. But I'm just sick of feeling like an ice-block all the time. Anyway, this cable-knit sweater is really warm, perfect for the ramdom cold spell we're having down in Melbourne at the moment (screw you, late Winter!), and kind of college style with the V-neck and cable-knit. It feels like I've got a whole family of lambs wrapped around me, minus their hooves of course. Sheep can do no wrong, in my mind. Oh and I'm wearing the belt backwards, for some reason. The bow bit looks pretty at the back, don't you think?

On to other things, not only is it Spring on Wednesday, it is my 18th birthday next Saturday! Remember to send me love ;) + gifts (just kidding)!

Hint hint, I really want to be dressed like this:

Hell yeah, I honestly am yearning for warm enough weather that I can show off my back!
The heart cut-outs are so sweet and gorgeous and definitely perfection for the Spring time :) Though most of you are looking forward to going into Autumn and cooler weather, I would die to switch places with you; it's too cold here.
I have a few low-back/backless tops that I am dying to try outttttt xx

Love, Stace

PS. Some of you may remember my best friend, Em, who has featured in a couple of my posts in the past. She's started blogging again, at STUDS & SUPERNOVAS so please check her out.
She has impeccable style and her posts are so gooood I'm hooked already hahah!

I Love Space Print

Backstage spliced dress Grandma-knitted wool scarf Target trench-coat Mum's ankle boots

Even more wonderful than digi-print skirts, is space prints skirts!
This dress was on sale at my favourite store Glue and I haaaaad to have it - the bottom half is all shiny like satin, and galactic-y (if that's a word...)

I wore this to an 18th, which interestingly was in a scout hall. We basically just pigged out on finger-food, drank heaps and danced around to trashy pop music. But unfortunately the photos taken there are really not blog-worthy and might scar you for life (I look stoned/smashed), so I'll spare you the torture.

PS. Sorry; I haven't been a great blogger the past few weeks. I haven't had time to put together extravagant outfits/photos/inspiration or anything, so bear with me. School is quite hectic, but I'm pulling through :)

PPS. Thank you followers. You will be rewarded with kissses and hopefully a giveaway (I promiseeeeeeee.)

Speaking of space-prints;

Christopher Kane's Resort collection goes alright - look at the middle dress! :)

ALSO: I want this:

Your Eyes Lie vest dress, someone please buy it for me? :)
My birthday is September the 4th! YAY.



Sky Ferreira

Sky - a 17-year old (like me!) singer-songwriter with a penchant for vintage clothing, worn-in T-shirts, and the hottest designer footwear. Here is an insight on her personal style, which I just adoreeeee.

I envy her long tousled blond locks. I envy her gorgeous voice that will probably take her to the top. I envy her fashion sense. I envy Sky Ferreira!

I love herrrrrrrr. If you haven't heard her music, YOUTUBE. NOW.
...or even MySpace, where she first was "discovered".



Check out the vid, bloglovin' - pretty sure most of you know what this is; for those of you who haven't met Bloglovin', it's the best and easiest way of keeping up to date with all of your favourite blogs.
SO follow me on bloglovin' HERE!

Name: Stacy j.
Birthday: 4th of September, 1992.
Live: Melbourne, Australia
Big dream: make a living in some way that I'm gonna make big $$$ yet be happy; sounds tacky but true.
Occupation: student but have been piano teacher & retail assistant
What's next: Noosa, Queensland in November for sand, surf and fun! uni next year I suppose.
Personal style: a big mix of op-shop, high-end sale stock and chainstore fashion.
Shoes: boots, sneakers, flats. I'm a practical girl.
Jewellery: I'm ze ring girl! RINGS RINGS RINGS :)
Hair: long + black, deciding whether to keep growing or cut short atm
Fashion tip: black and grey are god
Beauty secret: dry shampoo and eyelash curler = amazeee
Obsessed with: poetry, dresses, DIY and old sheet music
Favourite dress: out of my collection? my two Alannah Hill dresses, one of which you've seen :)
Favourite city: Florence, Italy so far. Paris was fairly good too <3
Favourite music: classical, jazz, rock - I love a mix
Favourite food: pumpkin soup, tofu and ice-cream
Favourite drink: chai & vodka, not together!
Favourite book: oooh too many! I love literature.
Personal motto: You make it happen.
Style icon: fashion bloggers and my friends
First thing in the morning: water (to wash face + drink)
Last thing before bed: tea, hand cream and my bed

xxx what do you want to read/see from me?

Shakuhachi S/S x Bambi

Make these three dresses mine, argh!! Espec. the purple maxi, droool :)

Part of the Shakuhachi S/S '10/'11 Campaign - Aussie label + model = amazeesauce!!

Remember my post on Bambi a couple weeks ago? One of my readers requested to see this ad campaign a while ago, because I raved on about it quite a bit haha...but we all know I'm a bad blogger girl and always forget to post and all that jazz, so sorry!

Bambi looking very alternative but so beautiful here - defining features include average-ish height (170cm makes her shorter than I am!), strong facial features, and a slim but muscular body that I am so jealous of. Seriously.

Bambi, I want to be youuuuu. Pretty please?


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