Shakuhachi S/S x Bambi

9:05 PM

Make these three dresses mine, argh!! Espec. the purple maxi, droool :)

Part of the Shakuhachi S/S '10/'11 Campaign - Aussie label + model = amazeesauce!!

Remember my post on Bambi a couple weeks ago? One of my readers requested to see this ad campaign a while ago, because I raved on about it quite a bit haha...but we all know I'm a bad blogger girl and always forget to post and all that jazz, so sorry!

Bambi looking very alternative but so beautiful here - defining features include average-ish height (170cm makes her shorter than I am!), strong facial features, and a slim but muscular body that I am so jealous of. Seriously.

Bambi, I want to be youuuuu. Pretty please?


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