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Backstage spliced dress Grandma-knitted wool scarf Target trench-coat Mum's ankle boots

Even more wonderful than digi-print skirts, is space prints skirts!
This dress was on sale at my favourite store Glue and I haaaaad to have it - the bottom half is all shiny like satin, and galactic-y (if that's a word...)

I wore this to an 18th, which interestingly was in a scout hall. We basically just pigged out on finger-food, drank heaps and danced around to trashy pop music. But unfortunately the photos taken there are really not blog-worthy and might scar you for life (I look stoned/smashed), so I'll spare you the torture.

PS. Sorry; I haven't been a great blogger the past few weeks. I haven't had time to put together extravagant outfits/photos/inspiration or anything, so bear with me. School is quite hectic, but I'm pulling through :)

PPS. Thank you followers. You will be rewarded with kissses and hopefully a giveaway (I promiseeeeeeee.)

Speaking of space-prints;

Christopher Kane's Resort collection goes alright - look at the middle dress! :)

ALSO: I want this:

Your Eyes Lie vest dress, someone please buy it for me? :)
My birthday is September the 4th! YAY.



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