Right on Target!

1:24 AM

Please HYPE me by clicking the hype button; tt would make my day :)

Skirt, blazer + top all from Target, hence post title!!

A cute little ladybug landed on me, and small things like that remind me how beautiful nature is!

Because I'm epically awesome, and because the sun actually was considerate enough to show it's bright shiney ass in the sky today, I took some pics in my backyard. Wooo!
The sun didn't last long though - it was patchy cloudy and dark a minute later and then sunny again! So weird. But typically Melbourne, as we all know.

Lighting turned out really weird here...

Ah, and I have reached 100 followers! My gosh, totally unexpected seeing as I've only been blogging for less than 4 months. Thank you all for being so supportive and reading the things that I write. *tear*

To all my loyal and wonderful followers, have some fairy bread! YUM!


PS. Anyone have lookbook.nu? I'm still kinda new at it and I'm not a model or anything, so any tips appreciated.

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