Hope you had a fab weekend!

Ahhh it's so hot here. I cannot even be bothered doing anything.
My weekend has been alright though, here are some interesting links that I found for you:

A BLACK DRESS WEDDING. Oh my gosh, so good.

SASS & BIDE FUTUREGRAND S/S 2010, check it out. Amazing stuff, I want :)

Ahoy! A cute little dress for summer.

A digital guitar? High-tech!

The website My Parents Were Awesome. Submit pics of your parents. Were they awesome?

First-person Tetris!

Have fun, and enjoy what's left of the weekend!



Lazy, lazy Saturday. I lazed around in one of my dad's old white t-shirts, my favourite thrifted jeans (Guess!!) and uncombed hair until it got waaaay too hot and I changed into appropriate summer lounge wear. I also ate the BEST pasta ever for lunch. Heavenly.

Oh boy, I'm so classy aren't I? ;)

Oh and I'm going thrifting with my best bud Em from sodapop and ritalin on Monday! So excited, even though I am seriously short of cash right now :(

Have a great Saturday night x

PS. Cannot wait until Monday - this month my brother's internet usage exceeded 20GB, which means I honestly took half an hour uploading photos for this post. Argh this internet thing is so annoying sometimes!

virtual outfits = tres chic

So I'm totally bored at home today, wishing I was at the beach because it is 33 degrees today! Of course, when I'm bored, I get onto my laptop and read blogs. Ah aren't I such a social girl, sigh. Anyway, I've been seeing a lot of references to a website polyvore.com, and decided to check it out. Turns out, you can make your dream ensemble by browsing through a heap of clothing covering brands from Camilla and Marc to Topshop and Bardot! Surprisingly it was so, so addictive just browsing through the looks people created.

Here are a couple I adore:

I love in this last set:
Petite Breton Stripe Crop Tee, $70
Don't Ask Amanda Sleepy Shorts, from General Pants $30 AUD

Virtual outfits are tres chic.


J.D. Salinger, the famously reclusive author whose novel, “The Catcher in the Rye,’’ was one of the best-selling books of the 20th century, died at his Cornish, N.H. home. He was 91.
Mr. Salinger died of natural causes Wednesday, said a statement from Harold Ober Associates, Mr. Salinger’s literary agency.

“Catcher in the Rye’’ is estimated to have sold more than 60 million copies worldwide since being published in 1951. It continues to sell about 200,000 copies annually.
A staple of student reading lists, the novel boasts one of the most celebrated characters in post-World War II American fiction, its narrator, Holden Caulfield.

And it is Holden Caulfield, arguably Jerome David Salinger's most famous protagonist from Catcher in the Rye, who perfectly captures what many would feel is what Salinger would have wanted in death.

"Who wants flowers when you're dead? Nobody."

Rest in peace, Mr. Salinger. I won't give you flowers because I know you wouldn't want them. Thank you for your wonderful literary contributions.



Blog post from previous blog:
January 9th, 2010

So I went up to Queenscliff for a day trip yesterday; it's a smallish town not too far from Melbourne. I really wasn't keen on going, since it was my parents' idea and they wanted to go see some friends who'd moved there. I'm never keen on spending time with my parents anymore, sigh. Eventually I was roped into coming along, but on one condition: I drive (cue dramatic music).
Wasn't too bad, but the temperature was climbing in the car and I looked pretty gross in the 30+ degree heat. We ended up staying for lunch with our friends and then driving up to Pt. Lonsdale beach, where I had a nice dip in the ocean with my dad. The water was gorgeous - pretty blues and greens and aquas, not to mention the breaking waves were clear as glass! It was perfect beach weather too, sunny but not too much.
I got a few snaps of the beach:

A boat called "Awesome"

How good does it look?! ^

Fun in the sun, plus it was great to add an extra four hours of driving onto my Learner's log, I hope to be able to go for my license when I turn 18! But I am so exhausted today, driving is tiring. I went out for Yum Cha today with an old friend, ah I love yum cha, all the cute little dumplings and dishes. And now I'm just lazing around at home drinking ice tea and browsing lookbook and reading blogs!

Ah this is the life :)
Gosh I love Summer, I can't believe there's less than a week til I have to go back to school! Ugh save me!


Edward vs. Jacob

So before you guys stress out, as you can see this post has nothing to do with that oh-so-overhyped pre-teenaged-girl vampire romance novel phenomenon that everyone's been swooning about (Twilight, duh!) The title has more to do with the fact that Dominic Jones' gorgeous first collection of jewellery is a little bit tough, a little bit futuristic, a little bit werewolf vs. vampire, don't you think? It's clean yet edgy, raw yet sophisticated. 2009 was a massive year for the young and telanted designer Dominic Jones, as his first collection became much sought after in London and is probably going to be just as popular in America and Europe.

When it's available here, I am first in line!!!

Check out the amazing pictures!! (Right click, view image for larger pic)
Website here.


Thriftgasm - a great feeling

Helloooooo to anyone out there who happens to pass over my humble little blogosphere :)

Okay, so I was fairly bored today and decided to take a few artistic (I hope) snaps of this cute little dress I thrifted a few days ago. I found it and although it is a size too large, I'm in love. Kinda 90's floral teadress-y meets grandma chic. I've been wearing it everywhere, even around the house!

The detail is lovely - there are these little flower prints all over. So normally pink isn't my colour but this is so gooood! I'm also loving the button-down-front thing; not to mention gorgeous bow detail on the back!

Ah I love lazing around the house taking pics of myself. Too bad my camera broke, this one is like an old family one so the quality isn't that great, unfortunately. Hopefully I'll save up enough to get an SLR or at least something half-decent!

More details on purchases to come! I swear I'm obssessed; thrifting give me the most amazing feeling (hence the name of the post!)


Australia Day...


So it's Australia Day today, a day traditionally reserved for the great Aussie BBQ and another excuse for good ol' backyard cricket, a cornucopia of "G'day mates" and a desperate attempt by many to salvage what is left of their Australianism. I suppose it's a nice reminder to everyone that Australia is a unique country, full of things that no other country has - Aussie rules, kangaroos, the best beaches and of course our "strine" way of talking which causes me so much grief. I actually can't stand the ocker accent, but anyway.

I took the opportunity to do some Chemistry homework in preparation for my LAST year of high-school *groan*, but also to take stock of some purchases from a recent thrift shopping trip. I may have to do a post especially on thrift purchases, because I'm so excited by the things I found!! I also forced myself to get up off my tushie and head down to the gym for a good solid workout. I HAVE to fulfil my New Year's resolution - to drop a dress size this year. I haven't gotten to such a good start so far, with multiple slices of cake and yummy drinks slipping past ;)
Hopefully all of the incredibly beautiful people who write equally impressive blogs will inspire me to reach my goal. Fingers crossed!

Happy Australia Day to all of you!

In keeping with the theme of today (Aussie), I'll leave you with a few snaps of designs from a great Australian label Finders Keepers:

I've recently become enamoured with all the pieces! Enjoy x


- Rabbits, bunnies, all that cute shit.
- Playing piano
- Going through old photos and reliving the good ol' memories
- Jazz music
- DIY denim cut-offs and vintage dresses

- Grey marle in any manifestation, be it t-shirts, tanks or shorts
- Long phone conversations
- Warm cuddles
- Huge slices of carrot cake

- Cake in general, oh boy *salivates*
- Thrift stores and their old people smell and $2 scarves.
- Sleeping in
- Love songs

- Girls who play guitar
- $$$
- Making lists
- The Body Shop
- lookbook.nu

- Taking lame-ass photos of myself with my camera
- Slim silhouettes and defined bones
- Smiling
- The sea and the Aussie beach and the sun
- Boys who dress well!!!

- Going to gigs and buying over-priced band tees
- Writing down thoughts and ideas, doodling, sketches, poems and lyrics

- Cute little stock photos with even cuter messages
- Guitar Hero - BEST. THING. EVER. I'm a rockstar, yo!
- Reading the newspaper on a lazy morning with a cup of coffee

- Ice-cream. Who the hell could refuse ice-cream??
- Carelessness
- New shoes

- My best friends for life
- Reading a well-written novel or new magazine
- Laughing until my stomach aches and tears are rolling down my cheeks

- More lame-ass photo-taking of myself, especially if it involves the self-timer
- Girls' nights in, relaxing and intelligent convo
- Girls' nights out, cocktails and night-life
- People who read my ramblings *hint hint hint*

Everything looks so much rosier when you are happy, so go on, I challenge you to think about what makes you happy, and spend more time doing it. Ah, life is schweeeet!


Good day to you, Blogspot.

Okay I've been feverishly devouring and poring over so many wonderful blogs into the early hours of the morning for ages, and now it's time for me to try all this for myself.

I have a tumblr which can be located here; just a lot of pictures and quotes I find.

Anyway, possibly an introduction needed right about now?

I'm Stacy and I like to read and sew and drink tea and break into song randomly. I can't wait 'til I'm 18, have a recent obssession with men's jeans and laugh at things that aren't funny.

I have an interest in music, literature, photography and of course fash-un. I'm in love with grey marle, rabbits and romantic gestures.

Here is a picture of myself:

Want to get to know me better? Leave me a question, comment or whatever, I'd love to hear from anyone who stumbles across this page <3

Toodles for now,
Stacy x

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