Edward vs. Jacob

5:18 PM

So before you guys stress out, as you can see this post has nothing to do with that oh-so-overhyped pre-teenaged-girl vampire romance novel phenomenon that everyone's been swooning about (Twilight, duh!) The title has more to do with the fact that Dominic Jones' gorgeous first collection of jewellery is a little bit tough, a little bit futuristic, a little bit werewolf vs. vampire, don't you think? It's clean yet edgy, raw yet sophisticated. 2009 was a massive year for the young and telanted designer Dominic Jones, as his first collection became much sought after in London and is probably going to be just as popular in America and Europe.

When it's available here, I am first in line!!!

Check out the amazing pictures!! (Right click, view image for larger pic)
Website here.


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