virtual outfits = tres chic

6:24 PM

So I'm totally bored at home today, wishing I was at the beach because it is 33 degrees today! Of course, when I'm bored, I get onto my laptop and read blogs. Ah aren't I such a social girl, sigh. Anyway, I've been seeing a lot of references to a website, and decided to check it out. Turns out, you can make your dream ensemble by browsing through a heap of clothing covering brands from Camilla and Marc to Topshop and Bardot! Surprisingly it was so, so addictive just browsing through the looks people created.

Here are a couple I adore:

I love in this last set:
Petite Breton Stripe Crop Tee, $70
Don't Ask Amanda Sleepy Shorts, from General Pants $30 AUD

Virtual outfits are tres chic.

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