Good day to you, Blogspot.

9:09 PM

Okay I've been feverishly devouring and poring over so many wonderful blogs into the early hours of the morning for ages, and now it's time for me to try all this for myself.

I have a tumblr which can be located here; just a lot of pictures and quotes I find.

Anyway, possibly an introduction needed right about now?

I'm Stacy and I like to read and sew and drink tea and break into song randomly. I can't wait 'til I'm 18, have a recent obssession with men's jeans and laugh at things that aren't funny.

I have an interest in music, literature, photography and of course fash-un. I'm in love with grey marle, rabbits and romantic gestures.

Here is a picture of myself:

Want to get to know me better? Leave me a question, comment or whatever, I'd love to hear from anyone who stumbles across this page <3

Toodles for now,
Stacy x

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