Thriftgasm - a great feeling

9:43 PM

Helloooooo to anyone out there who happens to pass over my humble little blogosphere :)

Okay, so I was fairly bored today and decided to take a few artistic (I hope) snaps of this cute little dress I thrifted a few days ago. I found it and although it is a size too large, I'm in love. Kinda 90's floral teadress-y meets grandma chic. I've been wearing it everywhere, even around the house!

The detail is lovely - there are these little flower prints all over. So normally pink isn't my colour but this is so gooood! I'm also loving the button-down-front thing; not to mention gorgeous bow detail on the back!

Ah I love lazing around the house taking pics of myself. Too bad my camera broke, this one is like an old family one so the quality isn't that great, unfortunately. Hopefully I'll save up enough to get an SLR or at least something half-decent!

More details on purchases to come! I swear I'm obssessed; thrifting give me the most amazing feeling (hence the name of the post!)


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