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So it's Australia Day today, a day traditionally reserved for the great Aussie BBQ and another excuse for good ol' backyard cricket, a cornucopia of "G'day mates" and a desperate attempt by many to salvage what is left of their Australianism. I suppose it's a nice reminder to everyone that Australia is a unique country, full of things that no other country has - Aussie rules, kangaroos, the best beaches and of course our "strine" way of talking which causes me so much grief. I actually can't stand the ocker accent, but anyway.

I took the opportunity to do some Chemistry homework in preparation for my LAST year of high-school *groan*, but also to take stock of some purchases from a recent thrift shopping trip. I may have to do a post especially on thrift purchases, because I'm so excited by the things I found!! I also forced myself to get up off my tushie and head down to the gym for a good solid workout. I HAVE to fulfil my New Year's resolution - to drop a dress size this year. I haven't gotten to such a good start so far, with multiple slices of cake and yummy drinks slipping past ;)
Hopefully all of the incredibly beautiful people who write equally impressive blogs will inspire me to reach my goal. Fingers crossed!

Happy Australia Day to all of you!

In keeping with the theme of today (Aussie), I'll leave you with a few snaps of designs from a great Australian label Finders Keepers:

I've recently become enamoured with all the pieces! Enjoy x

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