Abbey Lee Kershaw By Gilles Bensimon For Vogue Australia April 2014

Abbey Lee Kershaw became one of my favourite models a few years back, I loved her long lithe limbs and her big blue eyes. This article in Vogue is an amazing one, with Abbey Lee's boho gypsy child side showing through in the pics. I was really sad to read that Abbey Lee is not going to focus on modelling anymore - she hints this shoot for Vogue may be one of her last - BUT I'm also super ecstatic that she is going to more acting! YAY.

Anyway, this editorial makes me wanna be a beach bum and live in white dresses and tribal jewellery. 4eva.

model: abbey lee kershaw (next)
photographer: gilles bensimon
stylist: christine centenera
hair: alan white (namesagency)
make-up: kellie stratton (artist-group)

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Here are my favourite looks from VAMFF so far. It's a little hit & miss for me. I think mainly because so many things I see on the runways have already been done before! Need more creativity and new stuff, rather than knock offs or recycled trends. I haven't gone to any shows sadly...working week nights kinda sucks :(

YB J'aime by Yeojin Bae


Cameo the Label

Leonard Street (always a personal fave of mine)

Finders Keepers


I can say I'm totally looking forward to coats and boots and knits!!

Did you guys attend any shows? /what are you faves?

Happy weekend, it's finally started!

x x Stace

ph. by Lucas Dawson


I'm a Melbourne girl, and yeah I'm proud of it. We love our little laneways and our cafes and of course, we love wearing black (if I may speak about Melbournians as a collective bunch). I mean, lately I've seen a lot more colour in digital prints and florals etc. but come Winter I know the layers and the stormy colours will come out to play again!

ISo why DO we wear so much black? Most people I've spoken t reckon we wear way more black than our Sydney-sider counterparts. It's ever-present. There are a thousand reasons we could go about justifying our dark obsession with, but sometimes I think the simplest answer is that black is like an old, reliable friend; a warm embrace. I wear black with pride!

Although I embrace some colours these days, I do tend to buy a lot of black. The trick is to keep things interesting by mixing up the textures, layers, embellishments and details. Studs, chains, jewellery, buttons, cut-outs, straps, harnesses are all good ways to break up the monotony of black.

I love this outfit and could ake many more all black ones. As much as I like to think that my wardrobe has expanded in colours and styles, when it comes to it I'd say over a third of my wardrobe is still black...I guess at the ripe old age of 21 I still haven't figured out my personal style. And I'm kinda happier that way, experimenting and trying everything. That's the fun of it, isn't it?

Oh & bring on the weekend lovers! Seriously, not gonna lie, I'm looking forward to baking cookies tomorrow with Justin and going on a secret roadtrip (his idea!) :D

Forever New shirt
Willow dress
Sportsgirl body chain
Clutch from Thailand (similar at The Bedlamite Club)
Betts boots

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Forever New bodysuit | Neuw skirt | Betts boots | Lovisa ear cuff

Pleats immediately make me think of high-school days and how all the girls used to go into the gym change-rooms and roll up their skirts to make them sit above the knee; some had mums who would alter the skirt for them, otherwise you were stuck with the frumpy mid calf length bottle green tartan pleated monstrosity. Anyway, I was lucky enough to buy secondhand skirts already sewn up at the hem :) This pleated skirt by Neuw is a wonder, super floaty and light, the perfect length and a gorgeous pale latte colour which goes quite well with my wardrobe.

In other news, the other night I went to the Mersh for a friend of my boyfriends' birthday, and apparently it was uni night so it was themed - theme: school uniform. It wasn't such a pretty sight, the amount of post-school age girls wearing their 'nerd glasses', I copped many a faceful of cleavage spilling out of tighter than tight 'school shirts' which were probably from their grade 5 days...wearing short shorts which do not feature as a part of any school uniform besides the ones you see in cheap pornos...I digress. It put my off school uniforms for a little while, but I still really love this skirt.

First week of uni is overrr and this week is the second. I hope everyone has gotten back into the swing of things whether it be work/uni/play and happy hump day!

x x Stace


'Radiant Orchid' is the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2014. I just remembered I usually do a post for this at the start of every year but I forgot for this year, so here it is, a little belated.

Here is what the Pantone website had to say:

'Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. It is an expressive, creative and embracing purple—one that draws you in with its beguiling charm. A captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health.'

I know some of the 'purples' above aren't exactly the orchid hue that Pantone specified, but I love that rich purply colour that borders on a fuschia, it's so pretty. I don't own much of the orchid colour, my Year 12 formal dress was close to it though. I love all the 'Radiant Orchid' decor, perhaps it'll be incorporated less into my wardrobe and more into my home (and maybe hair!)

What do you guys think? Yay or nay? Oh and happy hump day :)

x x Stace

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