Street Style: Couples

I've always been a fan of street style - it's where I find most of my inspiration and people watching is a favourite past-time of mine (shh! not stalkerish at all haha). But recently I discovered the blog TWO KOOLS and now I am obssessed with COUPLES street-style!

Whether you're co-ordinating jackets, wearing matching shoes or clashing with your other half, I guess you could say that your partner can be your best accessory when out and about :P

The reason why I love couple's street style so much isn't just because I like the way they match/clash clothes, it's also the way the two people communicate and connect to each other - when a photographer captures the chemistry between two people I find it so fascinating.

Well I guess this post was pretty relevant seeing as it's Wednesday - Happy Hump Day!!

Check out TWO KOOLS, which is where I got most of the photos from!

x x Stace

Pic 2, 7, 8 from ASOS Fashion Finder, the rest from TWO KOOLS.

Friend Of Mine S/S '13

Gypset is the name of Friend of Mine's newest Spring/Summer collection, taking inspiration from the free spirits and bon vivants that designer Teale Talbot has encountered throughout life. The fusion of the nomadic gypsy wanderer with the sophisticated jet-setter has resulted in a fierce, wearable and fashion-forward collection.

Model Valentina Sykes looks stunning in these shots, with legs for miles and a sultry stare. A contemporary leopard print, deep crystal hues and paisley prints mix with crisp whites and deep navy. I think it's absolutely beautiful.

No doubt when this full collection drops we'll be seeing some of the sleek dresses and crisp jackets and drapey tops on many a blogger and celeb. I just want to get my hands on that awesome chunky silver necklace!

What are your thoughts on this collection, and Friend of Mine's foray into prints? Their previous collections have all been monochromatic and in block colours, very minimal aesthetic. I think it's nice to see growth in the label and some new concepts, while stile paired with the typical assymetrical hems and flattering cuts of yesteryear.

x x Stace

Shop and view the collections on the Friend of Mine website :)




Boyfriend Jeans

"I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people.
I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy."

Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

I decided to shoot my lazy outfit yesterday, consisting of my new favourite purchase - boyfriend jeans. They really are comfortable, and super easy to style. I've got no make-up on besides lippy so excuse the blemishes

Insight boyfriend jeans, Staple the Label knit, Samantha Wills ring, Sportsgirl boots and lipstick.

As most of you know, I've been on holidays from uni for almost a month now, and I feel as if my life has slowed down. I've been enjoying going to the gym almost every day, sitting in the verandah with my bunny Houdini, reading and catching up on blogs and news, playing piano, attending 21st birthdays and cooking. It's been fun but I'm back at uni next week!

I have to say my wardrobe has expanded a little which is never a good thing. I've been selling a few pieces of clothing on eBay, and some to charity bins too. My tiny collection of lipsticks has grown a little, Limcrime and Sportsgirl joining my make-up bag. The Sportsgirl one I'm wearing in these pics and was really cheap! I like the matte red, but I still apply it wonky unfortunately. Anyone want to volunteer to teach me how to put lippy on??

I'm fairly motivated as I've booked Thailand at the end of the year so that will get me through the 5 subjects I'm doing this sem!!

And I will definitely be wearing these jeans to uni when I cbf...which is a lot of the time!!

Happy Friday lovers, enjoy your weekend.

x x Stace



Trend: Overalls

So I remember when I was a young'un in the 90s I had a pair of little overalls. They were super popular back in the day...and recently they've had a revival.

Need I remind you???

I'll admit, yes I caved in to seeing overalls everywhere and I do own a pair of overalls (with the short leg, shortalls??), in a chambray material. Haven't really worn them much but I am hoping to soon!

What do you guys think of the overalls? Is it something that is definitely in this season or should it stay firmly in the memories of our childhood??

These days the re-incarnation of a 90s classic is somewhat more sophisticated: cropped tops and sheer flowing shirts can be found underneath, a classic black heel accompanies many of the outfits! Otherwise you can go super-casual with a plain tee and sneakers, maybe with a lick of red lippy to turn the look from kindergarten to kool.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to styling my overalls and showing you guys what I come up with. Meanwhile you can make your own decision about whether to jump on board the overall bandwagon!

x x Stace



images from style scrapbook, street peeper, stockholm street style, tuula, man repeller, tumblr.

Star Wars Love

The past few weeks while on uni holidays, I've been going through the Star Wars movies one by one. It never gets old for me; the lightsaber battles, Yoda's backwards talking, cute Anakin Skywalker's love for Padme, the futuristic planets, the cute fluffly Ewoks in Star Wars VI, oh and the lovable droids C-3PO and R2-D2.

Who are featuring in my outfit for today, in the form of leggings.

Black Milk Artoo & Threepio leggings | Forever New shirt | Sistaco necklace | Samantha Wills ring.

So I recently became obssessed with Black Milk after acquiring a pair of their Tetris leggings which I find super comfy and so awesome. These leggings arrived with the swingtag with 'Thou a hot little boss'. BEST.

These days it's all about dressing for comfort and ease and leggings definitely top the list for that. No zips, buttons, etc. Easy peasy.

Yeah happy hump day lovelies, and more outfits on the way to be photographed woop!

x x Stace

Sorry, not sorry!

Just a quick hello on a boring Monday night, and a semi-apology for not posting on the blog. I've been super busy with a project in the works - I'm working with other young people around my area to produce a local magazine called 6 Degrees of which the first issue is coming next month! Super exciting!

Anyway thought I'd share a few snaps of the last couple of weeks with you :)

Lime Crime's 'Red Velvet' Velvetine lipstick, totally vegan/cruelty free!

Trying out the velvetine lipstick - it really does have a velvety

Footscray station getting a total revamp...hopefully finished soon coz rail replacements suck.

KMART army pants - I think $8 and I freakin' love them to death.

My baby growing a thick Winter coat.

The Bettina Liano dress I wore to my piano recital!!

Beautiful Ashleigh in a summer dress at Footscray station, snapped by me!

Samantha Wills Bohemian Bardot. Been crushing on for ages! (Thanks Justin ♥)

Lennon glasses & sunlight

Somedays lovin' croptop, vintage skirt, sportsgirl sunnies.

Winter outfit-ing it with Black Milk tetris legs (I think I'm obssessed)

Anywayzzzzz sorry, (not sorry) for the spam! Last few weeks were: piano recital, helping Justin enrol for uni, street style for the magazine, writing articles, mirror selfies & just random stuff.

I'm gonna do some outfit posts now that I have less deadlines for the magazine and I've got a few days of free time :)

Happy Monday Funday :D

x x Stace



Goodbye Google Reader!

Hey guys, bad news.

Google Reader is shutting down today!! So anyone who is following me on Google Friend Connect - that means any blogs you follow on here won't be around anymore *sadface*.

You have the option of importing all your Google subscriptions to bloglovin' which I highly recommend. I use bloglovin' sometimes and I guess wI'l be on it a lot more now!

Please please please if you'd like to stay updated with tee&fame follow me on bloglovin' right here :).

Thanks lovers~
x x Stace

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