Sorry, not sorry!

9:46 PM

Just a quick hello on a boring Monday night, and a semi-apology for not posting on the blog. I've been super busy with a project in the works - I'm working with other young people around my area to produce a local magazine called 6 Degrees of which the first issue is coming next month! Super exciting!

Anyway thought I'd share a few snaps of the last couple of weeks with you :)

Lime Crime's 'Red Velvet' Velvetine lipstick, totally vegan/cruelty free!

Trying out the velvetine lipstick - it really does have a velvety

Footscray station getting a total revamp...hopefully finished soon coz rail replacements suck.

KMART army pants - I think $8 and I freakin' love them to death.

My baby growing a thick Winter coat.

The Bettina Liano dress I wore to my piano recital!!

Beautiful Ashleigh in a summer dress at Footscray station, snapped by me!

Samantha Wills Bohemian Bardot. Been crushing on for ages! (Thanks Justin ♥)

Lennon glasses & sunlight

Somedays lovin' croptop, vintage skirt, sportsgirl sunnies.

Winter outfit-ing it with Black Milk tetris legs (I think I'm obssessed)

Anywayzzzzz sorry, (not sorry) for the spam! Last few weeks were: piano recital, helping Justin enrol for uni, street style for the magazine, writing articles, mirror selfies & just random stuff.

I'm gonna do some outfit posts now that I have less deadlines for the magazine and I've got a few days of free time :)

Happy Monday Funday :D

x x Stace



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