The dark side is glam. The dark vibe is bewitchingly glam. I've been sorta falling in love with the whole black ripped skinnies, grunge and ripped tees look recently. And I'ev always loved rock chic!

to-young, sportsgirl

Hey ho, let's go - rips and slashes, prints, and our favourite colour down in Melbourne: black.

I've been thinking that I really need black skinnies. I spotted some in a semi-recent (kinda) Target catalog for 29$ a pop! I wonder if they'll be good quality? Might have to check it out for myselfffff.

Also want every single piece in the above pics, droooool haha.

OH and sorry about the kinda random post today. It was musical week this week - we're doing a production of All Shook Up, an Elvis jukebox musical. Elvis is sah amazing. But I'm dead tired and I'm surprised I have the enrgy to type this haha. Last show tonight (Saturday)! Hopefully some photos next week, cos I had the best. tulle. tutu. EVER!

Toodles lovers!
Stace x

luella x abbey lee

Gasp! Is anyone else in love with this Luella collection and the perfection that Abbey Lee represents?

Abbey Lee Kershaw
10 Magazine

I die.

Green with envy.

Jealousy. Jealousy has ruined many, and now I am feeling the secondhand effects of it. I'm just a seventeen year old girl with too many dreams and a never-ending supply of second-, third- and even fourth-chances for people who screw me over.

Sorry I haven't posted, but seriously, there are so many things going on at the moment that I'm surprised I have time to do anything. I'm surrounded by people who backstab, bitch, twist their lies into believable truths and selfishly think only of themselves rather than seeing the whole picture.

Hope you enjoy these images. They aren't very happy but neither am I...sorry for this miserably pathetic excuse for a post!

What do you do when your friends don't listen to you, and pretend that you are the bad guy, and spread lies about you? I'd love to know, darlings.


PS. pics are from tumblr, mine is at rabbiteatcarrot. check me out if you ever have some spare time :)

PPS. Followers; you guys are my saviour. Kissessssss forever and ever, and hopefully something special for you guys really soon!


Okay, I'm so totally not up-to-date with all the fashion weeks and I'm soo crazy busy with school and exams and things, but since I am kind of procrastinating right now, I thought I might like to share with you some photos of my personal fave from Aussie Fashion Week.

It all started with the glittery dirt runway bordered by large boulders and all sorts of creatures with the forbidden forest style backdrop.

Smoke blared out as the models strutted their stuff in theatrics with hand bound, claws scratching and piggy backs.

The hit of the show, and #1 item on my wishlist for this winter, was the thigh-high printed Neo-Preen babies as well as the lilac leather ones. Oh boy!

These are so outrageous; I dream of going shopping dressed like that. Or to casual clothes day at school, bahaha!

Romance Was Born: more than the sum of its parts! Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales have unquashable enthusiasm and sheer love for what they make and do and it's contagious.

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Friday, I'm writing a love letter?

Dear Mr. Grey:

So the grey marle movement is huge at the moment. I think.
I mean, everything from plain tanks to leggings to skirts are appearing everywhere - of course in grey marle. What is this?

Grey marle is now so effortless and there are so many ways to wear it - an understated tee paired with ripped denim or a metallic skirt is a look you could easily wear to a party; a grey cropped tank with leggings creates the epitome of laid back chic.

So here are some snaps of you, looking surprisingly stylish:

Sass & Bide Marle Grey Rats

T by Alexander Wang Mini Pocket Tank

Preen Line Lorna Cardi

Shakuhachi Twisted Sister Skirt

Sass & Bide The First Verse Tee

Aquabella Tee (my favourite T-shirt!)

Wow, I can't believe it, Mr. Grey, you are supposed to be dull + boring so why do you looks so damn good?! Maybe we could meet up for lunch sometime. Give me a call if you are interested...

Love, Stace x

(Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with any of the brands, btw!)

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