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The dark side is glam. The dark vibe is bewitchingly glam. I've been sorta falling in love with the whole black ripped skinnies, grunge and ripped tees look recently. And I'ev always loved rock chic!

to-young, sportsgirl

Hey ho, let's go - rips and slashes, prints, and our favourite colour down in Melbourne: black.

I've been thinking that I really need black skinnies. I spotted some in a semi-recent (kinda) Target catalog for 29$ a pop! I wonder if they'll be good quality? Might have to check it out for myselfffff.

Also want every single piece in the above pics, droooool haha.

OH and sorry about the kinda random post today. It was musical week this week - we're doing a production of All Shook Up, an Elvis jukebox musical. Elvis is sah amazing. But I'm dead tired and I'm surprised I have the enrgy to type this haha. Last show tonight (Saturday)! Hopefully some photos next week, cos I had the best. tulle. tutu. EVER!

Toodles lovers!
Stace x

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