Green with envy.

9:29 PM

Jealousy. Jealousy has ruined many, and now I am feeling the secondhand effects of it. I'm just a seventeen year old girl with too many dreams and a never-ending supply of second-, third- and even fourth-chances for people who screw me over.

Sorry I haven't posted, but seriously, there are so many things going on at the moment that I'm surprised I have time to do anything. I'm surrounded by people who backstab, bitch, twist their lies into believable truths and selfishly think only of themselves rather than seeing the whole picture.

Hope you enjoy these images. They aren't very happy but neither am I...sorry for this miserably pathetic excuse for a post!

What do you do when your friends don't listen to you, and pretend that you are the bad guy, and spread lies about you? I'd love to know, darlings.


PS. pics are from tumblr, mine is at rabbiteatcarrot. check me out if you ever have some spare time :)

PPS. Followers; you guys are my saviour. Kissessssss forever and ever, and hopefully something special for you guys really soon!

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