Monday inspiration.

Just a few images that have been inspiring me (from Tumblr).

Focussing on catching up on uni work and got a new job teaching piano at a high school near me!
Thailand stuff is pretty much all finalised.
My 21st this weekend. Happy days ahead :)

Have a good week!

x Stace



I've been sick over the last week, which is never fun. Headache, blocked nose, sore all over...
Anyway, I've finally started feeling better today and been to the gym and cooked my meals and now I'm studying/blogging. These snaps are from yesterday's piano practice sesh (I take a few breaks here and there so I don't get bored/get sore arms).

I'm wearing a knit over a knit and a knit beanie. It's knit to the power of 3!

Ignore my weird facial expressions and the fact that I'm wearing leggings as pants, ergh. I literally did not leave my house yesterday & was snuggled up in front of the fire for most of the day.

i.d.s shaggy coat, Kmart knit + leggings, Hand-knitted by grandma beanie.

So yeah this is my super shitty-quality outfit post for you guys. I seem to have a lot of excuses not to do them so this is hopefully at least something. Hope you like my red beanie, coz my grandma knitted it for me. I have like 10 in various different colours hehe :)

I've got my fingers crossed for warmer weather next week since I've got my 21st party on. Still don't know what to wear D: HALP.

x x Stace



21st Wishlist

21st Wishlist

One Teaspoon clothing
$130 -

Bardot brown skirt
$64 -

$82 -

Sooo my 21st has crept up on me - it's only two weeks away! Whaaat?! How did this happen? Anyway I'm in a frantic rush to organise my party and outfit and also keep on top of work/uni etc. but yeah that's why I've been blogging a lot less this month. Lame excuse but hey, it's true.

I thought I'd indulge myself and make a little 'wishlist' of things I'm coveting. Most of which are totally out of the price range of a gift, and I'm not even asking for presents this year. BUT it's always nice to look at pictures of things you want, and it's really a goal for me to acquire these pretties while trying to save up, since I just bought a car & paid off a trip to Thailand!!! Exciting stuff ahead :)

Enjoy & happy Tuesday. Hope yours is better than mine, I'm sick at home from uni trying to catch up on lectures and sleep...

x x Stace



Mambo S/S 13/14

It's windy today. Not your average breezy wind which blows your hair into knots. Not, it's the type of wind that howls through my backyard wreaking havoc on the garden, pushing bins over and making me dread leaving the house. Wind, wind, go away.

Anyway I am really yearning for summer now, I am so over this Melbourne mess of a winter.

I was browsing these images from Mambo's Spring Summer campaign while in bed with a cup of tea, and dreaming of warmer days!

Prints and colour and fun pieces dominate in this collection. I'm looking forward to when I can actually bare my skin in the sun and perhaps get a tan, as well as rocking a bikini at the beach!

Happy Friday everyone!

x x Stace

images from

Winter tanning.

Being the middle of Winter in Melbourne, we get a good mixture of windy days, wet days, sunny days and of course, our famous four-seasons-in-a-day days. This outfit was from last week, on one of those bi-polar unpredictable days. It started out pretty sunny & I originally went bare-legged, hoping to tan my legs a little...

Unfortunately the only tan that ended up happening was the colour co-ordination of my tan vest to my tan boots. Lame, I know!

Living Doll shearling vest, Valleygirl shirt dress, River Island (from ASOS) boots, House of Harlow ring.

I have to say I don't usually wear a lot of brown - I'm more of a black kinda gal but hey, at least I found a way to wear my Valleygirl dress which I bought in Year 8! It'd been sitting in my wardrobe for a few years unused.

Happy Hump Day!!

x x Stace



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