Winter tanning.

3:45 PM

Being the middle of Winter in Melbourne, we get a good mixture of windy days, wet days, sunny days and of course, our famous four-seasons-in-a-day days. This outfit was from last week, on one of those bi-polar unpredictable days. It started out pretty sunny & I originally went bare-legged, hoping to tan my legs a little...

Unfortunately the only tan that ended up happening was the colour co-ordination of my tan vest to my tan boots. Lame, I know!

Living Doll shearling vest, Valleygirl shirt dress, River Island (from ASOS) boots, House of Harlow ring.

I have to say I don't usually wear a lot of brown - I'm more of a black kinda gal but hey, at least I found a way to wear my Valleygirl dress which I bought in Year 8! It'd been sitting in my wardrobe for a few years unused.

Happy Hump Day!!

x x Stace



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