NUDE Love Bird Tiger Platform Wedge Ankle Boot.

Dude! Are these babies hot or what?
I want to prowl around town in this boot!
Pounce on these babies at Aussie website Styletread. I'm kind of obssessively putting things in my cart at the moment, but I'm running out of funds as I quit my job last week :(

ALSO; stay tuned for a big give-away coming up guys :)


Vena Cava A/W '11/'12

Anyone been following New York Fashion Week? This has been my fave collection so far:

Main trends I can see? Draped yet well tailored maxi-skirts and mega-flare pants with waistlines nice and high, cute little frenchy berets, sharp's grunge, but elegant early 90s grunge that I feel myself coveting this Winter!! Wooohoo for Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock, they've definitely done a great job of this collection. View the rest at Vogue Aus's website.

The colour scheme of warm blocks of rust, navy, and gray were lovely, and of course they didn't forget classic black. And no one can whip up an interesting neckline like they can!! Look at those awesome cut-outs, and the square neckline WOW.

That last black maxi is amazing, no? There's one just like it at Forever New which is my place of work, and now I know where they ripped it off from. I bought it too, and it is featuring in my next outfit post ;)

A little sneak peek of my outfit :)

Oh and I went browsing this morning after my interview for Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (which btw went ok, but everyone else seems so fashion pro!!)...looks like I have a little surprise for you guys in the next couple of posts coming up!! Which is long overdue because my little blog TEE&FAME's one year anniversary was last month, and I got on blogger today to see I have exceeded my 250 followers benchmark! Time to give-away ;)


Cut-out shoulders.

Vintage maxi-skirt Supre shirt

a. I don't usually wear lipstick but this one was a Christmas gift, it's a nice colour but I don't think I did it properly, fail. Someone told me to youtube how to apply lipstick, and I might have to :$ Ignore my rabbit-teeth also...

b. This shirt is so cool, especially cos my shoulders are probably one of my best assets! I really like Supre at the moment, I used to hate it but I've changed my mind. It's really good because it's cheap and since I'm so broke.

c. Meanwhile, I've got an interview for volunteering at LMFF (Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival), do any of you Melbourne bloggers have any experience with that? I'm very excited :)

Skater wannabe me.

Just my relaxed day, doing nothing much at all.
Thought I'd pull out my old One Teaspoon tee seeing as their new range has just hit stores. Check out the Feb drop: The Wanderer; drool-worthy stuff as per usual.
Tried to pose for some photos, fail poser that I am :)
I'm learning to skateboard, and surprisingly after only a couple of tries I'm not falling over anymore!!
Gotta love my instamatix too, from good ol' Savers. YAY for chilled out days :)

One Teaspoon T-shirt Supre Denim Cutoffs Sportsgirl Sunglasses Diva/Sportsgirl/Just Jeans Rings, Necklaces + Handchain

Oh and thanks to SETTY LEPIDA who gave me the "Versatile Blogger Award"!

Now to follow the award's steps and tell you 7 things about me:

1. I have an obssession with rings at the moment. (see above :P)
2. I'm Chinese
3. I play piano, viola, guitar and I sing
4. I couldn't live without sweets; I have the hugest sweet-tooth!!
5. I don't know how to put on nail polish or lipstick..
6. I enjoy chick-flicks
7. I'm a perfectionist

YAY. Now I pass the award onto anyone who wants to do it!


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