What's all the +HYPE about?

Attention please; tee&fame has a public announcement to make:


Also, I have just been invited to lookbook.nu by the lovely Chiara from theblondesalad. This outfit post is my very first look. No matter whether you hate or love it, please take a sec to check out my first look and give feedback :)

Wearing: Lolitta maxi-wrap dress; Miss Shop grey tank; Dangerfield cuff; Agent99 silver bangles; Claire's crystal bird necklace

So pleaaaaase check out my look: floral debutante right here. I'd love comments, hypes, or whatever :)

Oh and speaking of which, this is the magnificent magic carpet I got from spindizzyfall's giveaway! It's lovely and is in my room now; the blue reminds me of magic and antique and the print is so Aladdin!

Thanks to all my followers for leaving me such nice comments - I never imagined that I'd get so much support and bloglovin' from all of you lovelies!


PS. Check out vampires and cardigans's giveaway here! I really love the floral scarf. Makes me start to think I should plan a give-away soon...hmmmmm ;)

a touch of late night & a taste of japan


Me and my two best friends Em and Miriam went out to celebrate last night. We went to a Lolitta warehouse sale and picked up some bargains! Em got a gorgeous floral bustier which I will defs be stealing sometime in the near future ;)

I'm wearing: Giordano white tee/Luca&Marc floral scarf/Target black leopard peplum skirt/Agent99 bangles

Then we went to get cocktails, at our favourite japanese haunt, Shou Sumiyaki. It's got great food, wonderful music and a calm ambience perfect for Friday nights out.

Japanese food is simply amazing. We had miso soup, the other two had prawn tempura, and we had these grilled veges that we cooked ourselves! Ahhhhh, heaven!

We gossiped and chilled and had a heap of fun, then we went out into the city for a leisurely stroll and soaked up the atmosphere. Whenever we three go out, we get called Charlie's Angels because we are all tall and our hair colours correspond!

Well, we definitely had a lot more than a *nice* day!

Have a great weekend everyone. Hopefully I'm going to post an outfit post of this new maxi-dress I bought from the sale Friday night!

Stace x

PS. I am new on lookbook.nu! So can you guys please help me out and give me a hype. Even though it spoils my outfit post for later! Click hereeee and hype or comment, thanks babes! (and dudes)


New favourite trend high socks- I'm going to go buy myself a nice black or grey pair ASAP!!! I also love the thigh-high boots in the second Sportsgirl pic. I seriously am drooling over these pics and wish I could go shopping right now! Ah! Oh and guys, follow me on bloglovin' (click the top right corner)!

Stace x



Helloooo! How is everyone today?

I have decided that I want to share with you a trend I'm loving at the moment; fashion's continuing love affair with the rock chick. Studs, leather, fringe, faux fur, and anything shredded and ripped are among my favourite trends right now.

Enjoy the pictures I have found for you:

Camilla and Marc Grand Prince Tee

Sass & Bide Wonderful You Short

Alexander Wang Zip Clutch

Siwy Leggings

Lookbook user Stevie D

Evil Twin High-waist Skirt

Evil Twin Acid Wash Fringe Top

Shakuhachi Studded Denim Vest

Lee Ripped Licks

Made Her Think Stud Cuff

Jeffrey Campbell Studded Boots

Seriously drool-worthy! x

Thanks for following! I'm thinking that maybe I'll have to do a give-away or competition soon to show my appreciation ;) Because I totes just won a rug from Emma at spindizzyfall and can't wait to get it!


So I know I'm a bit late and the next set of collections are already upon us, but I’m still thinking about the Miu Miu cat prints for spring/summer 10.

photos: miumiu.com & illustrations: krisatomic

The swallow print and cat print shoes people have been showing off are amazing and I die, so badly! The shape is perfect, nice thick heel, super high, lovely! I've seen people all over the world wearing/coveting these. *sigh*

I first saw this collection floating around on the blogosphere and lusted for the collared shirts. But then, I fell in love with realised the extreme beauty of the whole goddamn collection! There are crystals, cat/dog/bird prints, matching trouser suits, mermaid sequins, crazy long hair plaits... How could anyone not love this! Always excited to see what Miuccia has planned for Prada and Miu Miu next.

Oh, and did you check out the gorgeous drawings of the Miu Miu collection; by the wonderfully talented krisatomic! She was equally as besotted as I am, can you tell?

Does anyone own any Miu Miu pieces? If so, are you in love satisfied with them? (If you say no, say hello to my fist.)

Stace x

Oh and pleeease show me a little bloglovin'! Thanks babes, you make my day <3


I just rediscovered these pictures from RUSSH and I am speechless once again!

And these; these John Richmond beauties...I would actually not be able to walk in them, but a girl can dream, right?

Anyway, I hope everyone's had a nice day, and don't forget you can follow me on bloglovin'! Thanks for all the comments, lovelies!

Stace x

"Gotta catch 'em all."

He is sooo adorable in that Pikachu hat!

Oh and also, I sooo love and would totally wear this look from Marc by Marc Jacobs:

Oh aaaaaand I was having this convo with my friends Jeremy and Ryan about the word "love". J decided he didn't know what love was, R decided love was a word that could be abolished and I've decided not to use it anymore. I will describe things in a much more eloquent and sophisticated manner, mmk? :)

Sorry it's another short and not-very-exciting post; I seriously am dying from the stress of Year 12! Ahhh thanks everyone for the supposrt and lovely feedback. I'm trying my best to blog through my final year of school!

BIG kisses, from me to all of you xxxxxx

source: thecobrasnake

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