a touch of late night & a taste of japan

1:53 PM


Me and my two best friends Em and Miriam went out to celebrate last night. We went to a Lolitta warehouse sale and picked up some bargains! Em got a gorgeous floral bustier which I will defs be stealing sometime in the near future ;)

I'm wearing: Giordano white tee/Luca&Marc floral scarf/Target black leopard peplum skirt/Agent99 bangles

Then we went to get cocktails, at our favourite japanese haunt, Shou Sumiyaki. It's got great food, wonderful music and a calm ambience perfect for Friday nights out.

Japanese food is simply amazing. We had miso soup, the other two had prawn tempura, and we had these grilled veges that we cooked ourselves! Ahhhhh, heaven!

We gossiped and chilled and had a heap of fun, then we went out into the city for a leisurely stroll and soaked up the atmosphere. Whenever we three go out, we get called Charlie's Angels because we are all tall and our hair colours correspond!

Well, we definitely had a lot more than a *nice* day!

Have a great weekend everyone. Hopefully I'm going to post an outfit post of this new maxi-dress I bought from the sale Friday night!

Stace x

PS. I am new on lookbook.nu! So can you guys please help me out and give me a hype. Even though it spoils my outfit post for later! Click hereeee and hype or comment, thanks babes! (and dudes)

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