What's all the +HYPE about?

11:00 AM

Attention please; tee&fame has a public announcement to make:


Also, I have just been invited to lookbook.nu by the lovely Chiara from theblondesalad. This outfit post is my very first look. No matter whether you hate or love it, please take a sec to check out my first look and give feedback :)

Wearing: Lolitta maxi-wrap dress; Miss Shop grey tank; Dangerfield cuff; Agent99 silver bangles; Claire's crystal bird necklace

So pleaaaaase check out my look: floral debutante right here. I'd love comments, hypes, or whatever :)

Oh and speaking of which, this is the magnificent magic carpet I got from spindizzyfall's giveaway! It's lovely and is in my room now; the blue reminds me of magic and antique and the print is so Aladdin!

Thanks to all my followers for leaving me such nice comments - I never imagined that I'd get so much support and bloglovin' from all of you lovelies!


PS. Check out vampires and cardigans's giveaway here! I really love the floral scarf. Makes me start to think I should plan a give-away soon...hmmmmm ;)

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