"Gotta catch 'em all."

5:42 PM

He is sooo adorable in that Pikachu hat!

Oh and also, I sooo love and would totally wear this look from Marc by Marc Jacobs:

Oh aaaaaand I was having this convo with my friends Jeremy and Ryan about the word "love". J decided he didn't know what love was, R decided love was a word that could be abolished and I've decided not to use it anymore. I will describe things in a much more eloquent and sophisticated manner, mmk? :)

Sorry it's another short and not-very-exciting post; I seriously am dying from the stress of Year 12! Ahhh thanks everyone for the supposrt and lovely feedback. I'm trying my best to blog through my final year of school!

BIG kisses, from me to all of you xxxxxx

source: thecobrasnake

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