My mother always told me, from when I was a little girl, that I should never ever wear the colour yellow. She said, because my skin was 'yellow', that anything yellow would make me look sick. So I guess I never, ever ventured close enough to yellow to see what a bright and happy colour it was. If you've seen previous outfit posts on my blog, I wear a lot of reds, pinks, blacks, blues but nothing even vaguely resembling citrus fruit colour.

...trying to be Margaret Zhang again. Marg let me be you plz.

Gorman Pineapple Skirt
Princess Highway cardigan
Tony Bianco clogs

When I saw Gorman's pineapple print skirt on sale, I had to have it. I'd ogled and admired it from afar when it first hit the shops, but knowing me and my stingyness I can't buy things full price very often :P It's not only got a yellow print on it, but also midi length. And in the fashion world, though trendy, this length can be unflattering.

Well my response to all that is 'Stuff you skin colour and trends, I'll wear what I like' and it's the way I always dress. I don't buy into something just coz it's the new 'in' thing or because it will be 'unflattering'. I embrace midi skirts and boyfriend jeans, the zara skort but reject peplum tops, going braless and Windsor Smith Lily sandals.

And the result is, a lot of yellow on a yellow-skinned gal. I don't think it's too bad, to be honest. It sure as hell ain't stopping me from wearing this skirt. Booyah. Power to the yellows.

I could wear this outfit anywhere: over here or over there. (hehe I'm a poet) The only place I won't wear it is too close to Justin, he HATES pineapples. Too bad for him. I think I could even wear this to uni, maybe minus the crop top and add a respectable black t-shirt, or something. Speaking of uni if you haven't gotten stationary-ready check out my post on BACK TO UNI ESSENTIALS :)

Happy weekend lovers,

x x Stace

PS. As you can kinda see, this post was about pears too, my tree has too many pears!!! They are falling and rotting everywhere. They're delicious but there's only so many pears you can eat. Seriously, any Melbourne peeps on here I can bring you PEARS PEARS GLORIOUS PEARS. Message me on FB or insta! ;)

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The title of this post is hashtag-back to uni. Because uni is back. After almost four months off from my course, simply relaxing, working, exercising and sleeping in, I've gotta get myself back into the swing of practising piano, studying and going to class. Not that I'm complaining, this is my last semester so the 12 weeks is going to flyyyyy! For those that are under a rock, I'm studying a Bachelor of Music majoring in Music Performance :)

Anyway, my ritual before a new semester starts each year is going stationary shopping, so I'm sharing my #backtouni essentials from Officeworks!! I literally could spend hours there, the amount of coloured pens, different exercise books and fun and innovative products makes me happy :) After clothing & shoe shopping this has got to be my second fave type of retail therapy!

This is part of my haul from yesterday, when I went to Officeworks at Highpoint after work. Look at all the preeeetty colours, purple and green and blue :) I'm such a little kid.


Karen Walker always manages to perfect that perfect vintage feel to her matchy-matchy kitsch feel pieces.

This collection was like a throwback to the suffragettes of old - Karen Walker asked after the show, "Did you know that New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote?" The prim tucked in waists and the buttoned up collars; the voluminous ballooning hemlines; the recycle-chic ladylike handbags crossed over their bodies. The shapelessness yet also the cinched in waists and the petite silhouettes created. It's like a hint of Victorian times without going too over the top, and without feeling too vintage.

The print of this season is of raised hands. Splashed over cutesy dresses, carved from a belt buckle, peeking out from under a top or emblazoning a snuggly turtleneck in glittering sequins, the hand motif was slapped onto the clothes. Literally — high fives all around!

I really love it, I think I will try to go op-shopping and find a look just like this.
Because there's not way I'll be able to afford any of it, ha.

Hey guys it's Friday. YAY. I have two 21st birthdays to make it to tomorrow and my boyfriend's incessant nagging that we must get dumplings on Saturday. It shall be fun!

Bye for now,
x x Stace

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This is what happens when I have a day off work, being a homebody / running errands / not having to
interact very much with anyone else / just being a geek and playing Pokemon Y:

Peter Alexander Rosette tank
Peter Alexander Leopard Track Pant
Fairground bunny ears cardi
Nike Free Run 5.0

Pyjamas as day-wear...the sartorial choices of the effortless, the relaxed and the down-right lazy. I did it and I loved it and I'll do it again. Sure, the furthest I'll venture in this get up is to the grocery store or to take my little brother to the orthodontist, but the fact of the matter is that I've worn my pyjamas outside and not felt self-conscious at all.

This could be partly due to the fact that Peter Alexander is an awesome designer who makes stylish PJs. These leopard trackies make my life - they are 100% cotton & super-slouchy-drop-crotched-perfect. I wore them to work on the weekend and received a few compliments too! I guess trackies are an acceptable form of pants when they are so cutely adorned with greyscale leopard print, riiight guys??

I went to uni this morning for a music rehearsal and chose to change out of my PJs and into a dress, I feel as if I have to make an effort especially because uni hasn't even officially started yet...but who knows, in a few weeks I might be tracky-ing my way happily into class ;) Happy hump day everyone, it's half way to the weekend!

x x Stace


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far met sci-fi on the catwalk.

From Instagram @thevalgarland

Well, I suppose that's a bit of an exaggeration, it was really in the UK during London Fashion week and it was only like, yesterday. And it was Preen who decided to get their geek chic on, with real live stormtroopers backstage at their LFW show. If only I'd been there to fulfil my most dorky fangirl dreams...

Preen designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi obviously must be Star Wars fans just like me, they presented their Autumn/Winter '14 collection which was full of geometric prints and boldness. And yep, they had tops emblazoned with the face of none other than ultimate bad guy Darth Vader for some serious sci-fi cred. I'm a big fan. When I saw this I thought to myself 'Oh my oh my this is definitely my fave collection of the season' and it continues to stand as so :D

BUT WAIT! There's more! Honourable mention to yet another designer who must have had the same inspirational dream. Or something. Rodarte, you kinda became at least 10x cooler than before, with some classic dorky girl glasses, glitter lurex frumpiness + alien-like make up and weird out-of-this-world dresses + digi-print Luke Skywalker + YODA (what even is love?! ♥ ).

Weirdly enough, as eclectic and totally different these collections are compared to what I usually like on the runway, it works for me. It really does. *claps for Rodarte & Preen*. As for the Star Wars references...all I can say is I wonder who's up next on the runway for some Star Wars love? All we're missing is a Princess Leia in that golden bikini outfit and Jabba the Hut! HAHA.

(I hope at least someone understands the reference or I'm gonna feel mighty geeky.)

x x Stace

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Cue blue shirt
Mum's tartan shirt
American Apparel zip denim shorts
Nike free runs

First off, happy Valentine's Day! I kick-started my day off in a super romantic fashion by going to the gym - lifting & getting sweaty - with my boyfriend :) We actually celebrated the occasion last night by going to dinner at a Malaysian restaurant, since he is working tonight. Anyhow. Fridays are days when I'm super cbf because basically I've slogged away the last few days working, tired from the gym, running errands or whatever. And I haven't even started uni yet for the year!

This outfit is semi-inspired by Margaret from Shine By Three and her elegant way of tying a shirt around her waist. My mum owns this tartan shirt that I've never seen her wear so I stole it from her wardrobe. I totally was hoping that adding the shirt to my casual ensemble for the day would elevate me to super-babe status like Marg...not too sure if it worked or not. I mean, if I can't have her life (jetting to NYFW, hangin' with the designers and wearing the maddest clothes ever) I may as well try to look like her, amirite? ;)

Hope everyone has a lovely night, whether you are celebrating with your boyfriend/girlfriend or going it alone.

Sending the love out to you all,
Stace x x x




Hey guys, so it's Valentine's Day in two days' time, Friday the 14th of Feb. No matter whether you're single and ready to mingle, or happily loved up, I'm sure you have plans for Friday day or night. Here are a few suggestions for different outfits to wear. There's a night in one and a casual one, but also some more dressy ideas.

Enjoy! It's sorta a wishlist too, there are a few items on there such as the New Balance sneakers and the tartan dress that I absolutely adore! I shall most likely have some photos of whatever I decide to wear tomorrow night, I'm going out for din dins with Justin somewhere in the west side :D

Happy hump day!

x x Stace




Emily Ratajkowski (aka super-mega-babe model, whose Instagram @emrata has 769k followers) has done it again for the REVOLVE CLOTHING Spring 2014 Catalogue.

This chick - what a unique face and bangin' bod, I can't fault her.

If you wanna shop the clothes, head to and have a lookie! I love that red skirt, it's so darn pretty but I'd never get a chance to wear it. Le sigh.

TGIF guys, bring on the weekend. I worked 11 hours today, time to hit the sack. Zzzzzzzz.

x x Stace



images via studdedhearts

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