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Karen Walker always manages to perfect that perfect vintage feel to her matchy-matchy kitsch feel pieces.

This collection was like a throwback to the suffragettes of old - Karen Walker asked after the show, "Did you know that New Zealand was the first country to give women the vote?" The prim tucked in waists and the buttoned up collars; the voluminous ballooning hemlines; the recycle-chic ladylike handbags crossed over their bodies. The shapelessness yet also the cinched in waists and the petite silhouettes created. It's like a hint of Victorian times without going too over the top, and without feeling too vintage.

The print of this season is of raised hands. Splashed over cutesy dresses, carved from a belt buckle, peeking out from under a top or emblazoning a snuggly turtleneck in glittering sequins, the hand motif was slapped onto the clothes. Literally — high fives all around!

I really love it, I think I will try to go op-shopping and find a look just like this.
Because there's not way I'll be able to afford any of it, ha.

Hey guys it's Friday. YAY. I have two 21st birthdays to make it to tomorrow and my boyfriend's incessant nagging that we must get dumplings on Saturday. It shall be fun!

Bye for now,
x x Stace

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