Glassons top // Thailand markets skirt // The New Punjab bangle // Lovisa ring, necklace & temp. tattoos // Witchery espadrilles

When this little gem of a bangle arrived on my doorstep, it brought a little more sparkle into my life. For anyone that knows me, I ADORE anything sparkly, shiny or glittering. Glitter and sparkle represents the stuff that seems to be disappearing from our ever busy lifes - creativity, soul, yearning and simple carelessness. It reminds me glitter paint, and making our own necklaces in primary school; it reminds me of crazy imaginations and fairy costumes.

As soon as I put it on, I knew what kind of outfit it needed to go with - something flowy, free and completely comfortable. This white flowy top instantly makes me feel like a bohemian gypsy and I love it!! My maxi skirt, which I bought in the markets at Thailand, is not only one of my most comfortable skirts, but also involves one of my favourite trips where I got lost in the culture and landscape of a whole new world. My outfits get boring when I go to work, as much as I love clothes, I forget about it because I'm too focussed on other boring adult details. I vow to wear this pretty bangle as much as possible and remember to have fun during my day, because I owe it to myself :)

Like I've said before, this year is going to be a busy one and I'll have uni, placement, working at the high-schools, plus trying to keep creating content for the blog & keep my social life (what social life?! lol) intact as well. But I'm going to try and prioritise the sparkly things in life too - painting my nails, spending an afternoon with temporary tattoos, dressing up and all that jazz!

Mushy stuff done. Check out the awesome label behind my bangle - The New Punjab. The bangle I styled is part of the second collection from The New Punjab, called 'Royal Raj'. Each bold statement jewellery piece differs slightly in size and shape as they are precious stones and not one piece is alike! All The New Punjab items are made in small quantities and aren’t meant to be mass-produced. So it's definitely limited edition. If you like what you see, go and give this little local label some love :) Inspired by the colourful and vibrant culture of India, and drawing from her own family heritage, designer Cheri Flewell-Smith has also created a mix of modern, eclectic and ethnic goods ranging from accessories to home furnishings that are available online. I've possibly got an interview with Cheri lined up, so stay tuned!!

The New Punjab

Follow & like on their Facebook page and for updates & like @the_new_punjab on Instagram for some seriously gorgeous Indian inspiration.

x x Stace


Lisa Gorman has just recently launched her Autumn 2015 campaign, which was shot in Hayama, Japan. Considering I just got back from Japan, it only makes me miss the country even more! This collection has an other-worldly feel about it, suggesting the change in season to the cooler weather, longer nights and shorter days. It’s about the happenings out there in the quiet, stillness of nature and the beauty of balance between earth, animal and sky.

The new collection features Gorman's typical gorgeous details such as the green fern print, a cute yet brilliant moth embroidery motif, metallic flashes and an abstract jigsaw pattern of chopped up shapes filtered across kimonos, flowy skirts, shift dresses and soft cotton tees.

Some of the clothes have started dropping into Gorman stores already, so if Autumn excites you (it's my fave season), definitely check it out!

x x Stace

PS. Check out Frankie's post on this collection for the beautiful campaign video. I watched it three times ♥

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