EYECANDY; Tom Ford eyewear campaign! It's not new, you've probably seen these pictures floating around, BUT Nicholas Hoult looks so gorgeous here, channeling the whole geek chic thing in his blue shiny suit and bow-tie :D

BOOK; & this is what I'm reading at the moment, for Literature at school. D.H Lawrence - I'm actually enjoying his style of writing, though he is apparently a mysogynist...ha!

LUST-HAVE; Alexander McQueen knuckle-duster ring thing. It's so beautiful & Lee is still such an inspiration.

Anja Rubik
OBSSESSION; Yoga class tonight, wehewwww, I've been going every Tuesday! If only I looked like Ms. Anja..sigh. Also doing athletics training in the mornings, guh so sore! Hopefully all this exercise will help me get thin in time for summer, so I can look like this:

FYI: This is just a quick post to let you guys know I'm still alive :)x
A few exciting things happening that I will let you know about when I have a spare moment, I promise.

img src: fashiongonerogue, google images, a.mcqueen site

Followers; you are all beautiful <3
&&& I'm at music camp right now, dressing up awesomely cos I'm in Year 12 andplaying lots of music and shiz :) When I get back I shall post some photos of my costumes (we have theme nights and we chose 'Night at the Zoo' and 'Pirates vs. Ninjas' :D)

PS. Uhh the name of the post comes from Em's interest in politics and the like. "Saluton" means hello in Esperanto, an international auxiliary language ha!

coffee, photos + bestfriends <3

Knitted jumper DIY & grandma Leggings Target Belt Fake LV Shoes Mum's awesome brogues

Random coffee run at Yarraville; awesome suburb full of alternative people and indie haunts and cute cafes. WIth my two best friends, Em and M. I find it so relaxing to go out for a couple hours with friends between studying, it helps me refocus. We went nuts with vanilla slice though, haha which is so bad because I want to get skinny for Summer!

I love my green knitted jumper, it's SOOO comfy - my grandma is so awesome!! Also, my mum has this fake Loius Vuitton belt from China hahaha and her brogues are epic; I end up stealing half her clothes to wear.

PS. How freaking long is my hair?!

I want to cut it - any ideas on what to dooo?



I love these! The black and white makes the photos so graphically strong, and the sequins and glitter give the model a kinda dazzling flamboyance.

Vogue Australia August 2010
Model: Lauren Brown
Photographer: Nicole Bentley

Oooh & cos you guys loved little Houdini, my rabbit, in the last post:

He is quite the little model isn't he? :)

PS. Back to school was good at first; I studied..ha! NERD. But that kinda wore off after the first week? I really can't wait for it to be over; only about 4 months until my trip to Queensland and beach and sun and drinks and freedom and no more homework :D


...we danced on into the wild...

Old anorak thing and ugg-boots I found in my house, mysteriously...

Decided to take a break from studying to take some self-timer pics in the backyard, please excuse the randomness, isn't my fave little rabbit Houdini cute?!

OH and I'm angry at my camera - I went to Em's house and we went on both a late-night beach walk and a morning one. I got Em to take a few photos of me and was gonna do an outfit post but then I get home and the photos are gone! :(

Aaaaaand currently in love with Jess Hart's blog - she gets to travel everywhere and has awesome taste in clothing. Not to mention that she is a model and has a rad life! Go have a read sometime.




Bambi Northwood-Blyth. Yes pleaseeee!
She has the awesomest eyebrows, haha.
Bambi fever is picking up worldwide, she's fast becoming a big name in the industry!
Aussie pride of course - she's from MY country, hells yeah :D


PS. GHOSTS AND FLOWERS, an amazing store is hosting a July competition to win a Sass&Bide dress, and studded boots! What an amazing amazing comp - to enter simply add the Ghosts and Flowers Facebook page, refer your friends and let the lovely Camille know to go into the draw. Winner announced at the end of July so get suggestin'!

You know you want to ;)


Helloo, sunshines :)
Remember that fantastic Alannah Hill package I recieved? was time I unveiled one of the wonders of my new Alannah Hill stash! I will never be able to thank Clear It enough - I won a giveaway of a $250 voucher! Kind of a dream come true, really :)

Damn you, lazy eye...

Love this one! It was such a sunny day which is weird cos it's Winter and all...

Sooo...I was invited to Sugar and Spice blog's One-Year Bloggiversary party! What a fantastic idea - I was asked to send in a picture of the outfit I would wear, a pressie I would get and what sort of drinks I would bring. As I'd JUST recieved me Alannah Hill package in the mail, of course I jumped at the opportunity to put on one of the beautiful frocks from the lovely Ms. Hill!

Alannah Hill Flowerbomb Me Frock and Before We Die Headband, Clear It! // T-bar heels, $8 from Target

Check out Shopgirl's post about the guests HERE and be sure to check out the other lovely guests' outfits too :)

Oh andandand, I am turning 18 soon! Soo excited to be legal, in Australia at least. I want to do something special with my friends but I don't know what yet. Ideas welcome, my loves :)


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