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11:03 AM

Knitted jumper DIY & grandma Leggings Target Belt Fake LV Shoes Mum's awesome brogues

Random coffee run at Yarraville; awesome suburb full of alternative people and indie haunts and cute cafes. WIth my two best friends, Em and M. I find it so relaxing to go out for a couple hours with friends between studying, it helps me refocus. We went nuts with vanilla slice though, haha which is so bad because I want to get skinny for Summer!

I love my green knitted jumper, it's SOOO comfy - my grandma is so awesome!! Also, my mum has this fake Loius Vuitton belt from China hahaha and her brogues are epic; I end up stealing half her clothes to wear.

PS. How freaking long is my hair?!

I want to cut it - any ideas on what to dooo?


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