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EYECANDY; Tom Ford eyewear campaign! It's not new, you've probably seen these pictures floating around, BUT Nicholas Hoult looks so gorgeous here, channeling the whole geek chic thing in his blue shiny suit and bow-tie :D

BOOK; & this is what I'm reading at the moment, for Literature at school. D.H Lawrence - I'm actually enjoying his style of writing, though he is apparently a mysogynist...ha!

LUST-HAVE; Alexander McQueen knuckle-duster ring thing. It's so beautiful & Lee is still such an inspiration.

Anja Rubik
OBSSESSION; Yoga class tonight, wehewwww, I've been going every Tuesday! If only I looked like Ms. Anja..sigh. Also doing athletics training in the mornings, guh so sore! Hopefully all this exercise will help me get thin in time for summer, so I can look like this:

FYI: This is just a quick post to let you guys know I'm still alive :)x
A few exciting things happening that I will let you know about when I have a spare moment, I promise.

img src: fashiongonerogue, google images, a.mcqueen site

Followers; you are all beautiful <3
&&& I'm at music camp right now, dressing up awesomely cos I'm in Year 12 andplaying lots of music and shiz :) When I get back I shall post some photos of my costumes (we have theme nights and we chose 'Night at the Zoo' and 'Pirates vs. Ninjas' :D)

PS. Uhh the name of the post comes from Em's interest in politics and the like. "Saluton" means hello in Esperanto, an international auxiliary language ha!

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