Though I'm not a girly-girl by any means, I have always loved Sretsis, and this collection is no different. I saw these pictures on jesslovesfred's blog, and HAD to repost. I hope Jess doesn't mind...imitation is the best form of flattery, eh?

I also want to quote her; her descriptions being far more fanciful and imaginative than anything I could ever dream up:

"I imagine wearing the majority of this collection would be the equivalent of stripping off all your clothes, dipping yourself in a giant frothy strawberry milkshake and then walking through a fog of whipped cream. And then some pieces look like what witches would wear if their hobby was baking."

Isn't it awesome?! More HEREHEREHERE!


PS. Thanks for all the suggestions about formal shoes, for this dress. I'm thinking a grey, black, or nude, or something with a touch of purple on it.

PPS. Check out my account! I'm still kinda newbie, so any tips? Or hypes? :D

Meghan Collison by Benny Horne

Uber inspiring editorial in Harper's Bazaar Australia, May 2010. Benny Horne captures a unique blend of western and eastern style with his most recent work. Unusual combinations of dark + bright, and clashy prints are now inspiring me. This is how I want to dress as it is now halfway through Autumn!


via fashiongonerogue

Under the sea

There's something so compelling about underwater photoshoots...


EDIT: A few more pics from fashion be late I found!

I can't explain it; I guess it's just natural to be intrigued by water and the way it affects the world.

Pics from Flickr and Google images!

Stace x

wake me up, when september ends

Hellooo, loves. I've had so little time to actually sit down at my computer that I know my last few posts have been a bit rubbish...BUT I have lots of photos to share with you!

Wearing: Miss Shop check tunic thing, Target backless vest, super-old denim canvas shoes, tights from ages ago, Agent99/gift bangles, Duchess bag

Gorgeous autumn colourful!

Here are just some of the pictures from my trip away to Hepburn Springs last week. What a lovely town! It was great to get close to nature again after studying for a whole term and not really getting out for any walks or anything.

This is DAY 1

I was having such a good day - lovely walks and sunsets and lake and general peacefullness! It's so rare these days :)

I didn't really have time to pack any great outfits or anything, as this was an impromtu trip - but it wasn't practical anyway, because we went bushwalking all of the days! I wanted to wear boots with the checked dress but lucky I didn't because we trekked over rocky terrain that day!!

DAY 2 - One of those ugly days; photos turned out very un-photogenic. Here are a few snapshots though.

Channeling my inner army chic - greens and browns and a la naturale face. I love my silk floral scarf made into a bow in my hair, do you?

Velvety-feel jacket from mum's closet, green knit from a Chinese market, way too big Kmart shorts, yellow Converse chucks.

My necessities - camera, tissues, water, iPod, purse, sunnies!

& DAY 3 (just bear with me a little longer, then I'll stop spamming you with images of me!)

We visited a waterfall which was ethereal in its beauty. No photo could capture the defeaning sound of the falls or the magnificent lushness of the bush.

My outfit was sorta french - I had a leopard beret, pearl necklace, striped shirt, French Kitty cardigan and dark jeans.

Stopped in a park for lunch and all the birds there tryied to scavenge food from us!

Have an absolutely wonderful day darls. I'm afraid I won't have much time to update as I have exams in a few weeks time...hopefully I'll have some exciting things for you soon.

And this is when I thank ALL my followers and readers - you know who you are. Especially those that have stuck with me from the very start. You guys make me smile with your uplifting comments. Kisses for you guys :)

Stace xx

PS. I need some advice, pronto! My formal dress is purple...and I don't know what colour shoes I should buy for it. Anyone have any clues?

I can't find any shoes to match the purple of the dress, and black is maybe too dark. Silver or gold, white maybe? Thanks guys, keep the suggestions rollin' in :)


I've actually never posted a picture of Abbey Lee before now. I wonder why? She's Aussie & incredibly hot. She is SO cute in this pic!

It's the last day of holidays. Uhhhh, it's back to school for me, siiigh. Two weeks of holidays went waay too fast, too much homework time and not enough blogging time. Me so sad. The good thing is there are only two terms left until I graduate though! WOOHOO! I can't wait.

Oh, and slobbery kisses to all my awesome followers x

polaroid scarf

Philippe Roucou - Objets Trouves Polaroid Scarf

Light grey bordered, 100%silk, limited edition rectangular printed silk scarf with vivid 'aerial cityscape' image on front.

It's so amazing! Except that when you wear it you can't really see the whole what do you guys think? Yould you buy a piece of beauty like that and wear it, or no?

Stace x

Sorry about the uber short post! I'm really busy and won't have much time to post things ahh...the joys of year 12 -_-. Thanks for your continued support, lovely wondergals and superpals! Oh and any suggestions for posts are welcome!

sequins sequence

Sooo I haven't posted for ages, I know I know. It's because I'm on holidays in Hepburn Springs and I have so many outfits I want to share but can't!

But as a consolation, here is a sequence of sequins (sorry for the lameness!) for your eyes to behold! Please tell me at least one of you out there is as obssessed with sequins as me!


Sooooo good. I've seen sequin cardigans and skirts but am too scared to buy them/wear them! Should I take the plunge?


Oh and, fan me on the face why don't cha?! ;D

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