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Hellooo, loves. I've had so little time to actually sit down at my computer that I know my last few posts have been a bit rubbish...BUT I have lots of photos to share with you!

Wearing: Miss Shop check tunic thing, Target backless vest, super-old denim canvas shoes, tights from ages ago, Agent99/gift bangles, Duchess bag

Gorgeous autumn leaves...so colourful!

Here are just some of the pictures from my trip away to Hepburn Springs last week. What a lovely town! It was great to get close to nature again after studying for a whole term and not really getting out for any walks or anything.

This is DAY 1

I was having such a good day - lovely walks and sunsets and lake and general peacefullness! It's so rare these days :)

I didn't really have time to pack any great outfits or anything, as this was an impromtu trip - but it wasn't practical anyway, because we went bushwalking all of the days! I wanted to wear boots with the checked dress but lucky I didn't because we trekked over rocky terrain that day!!

DAY 2 - One of those ugly days; photos turned out very un-photogenic. Here are a few snapshots though.

Channeling my inner army chic - greens and browns and a la naturale face. I love my silk floral scarf made into a bow in my hair, do you?

Velvety-feel jacket from mum's closet, green knit from a Chinese market, way too big Kmart shorts, yellow Converse chucks.

My necessities - camera, tissues, water, iPod, purse, sunnies!

& DAY 3 (just bear with me a little longer, then I'll stop spamming you with images of me!)

We visited a waterfall which was ethereal in its beauty. No photo could capture the defeaning sound of the falls or the magnificent lushness of the bush.

My outfit was sorta french - I had a leopard beret, pearl necklace, striped shirt, French Kitty cardigan and dark jeans.

Stopped in a park for lunch and all the birds there tryied to scavenge food from us!

Have an absolutely wonderful day darls. I'm afraid I won't have much time to update as I have exams in a few weeks time...hopefully I'll have some exciting things for you soon.

And this is when I thank ALL my followers and readers - you know who you are. Especially those that have stuck with me from the very start. You guys make me smile with your uplifting comments. Kisses for you guys :)

Stace xx

PS. I need some advice, pronto! My formal dress is purple...and I don't know what colour shoes I should buy for it. Anyone have any clues?

I can't find any shoes to match the purple of the dress, and black is maybe too dark. Silver or gold, white maybe? Thanks guys, keep the suggestions rollin' in :)

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