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Though I'm not a girly-girl by any means, I have always loved Sretsis, and this collection is no different. I saw these pictures on jesslovesfred's blog, and HAD to repost. I hope Jess doesn't mind...imitation is the best form of flattery, eh?

I also want to quote her; her descriptions being far more fanciful and imaginative than anything I could ever dream up:

"I imagine wearing the majority of this collection would be the equivalent of stripping off all your clothes, dipping yourself in a giant frothy strawberry milkshake and then walking through a fog of whipped cream. And then some pieces look like what witches would wear if their hobby was baking."

Isn't it awesome?! More HEREHEREHERE!


PS. Thanks for all the suggestions about formal shoes, for this dress. I'm thinking a grey, black, or nude, or something with a touch of purple on it.

PPS. Check out my account! I'm still kinda newbie, so any tips? Or hypes? :D

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