The Charm of Pandora

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How many of you have owned a charm bracelet? I have – and there is a certain attraction to collecting small trinkets that have some kind of personal meaning. Charm wearing most probably began way back in the caveman day, when man tied bones, shells and stone onto leather cord. Charm wearing reminds me of the Ancient Egyptians who wore scarab beetles that symbolized having a prosperous afterlife!

Since its inception, PANDORA has created a worldwide sensation with its unique, delicate charm bracelets, reinvented every season. PANDORA has transformed the charm bracelet into a timeless yet modern piece of jewellery, although the symbolic meaning has obviously changed since the era of the Ancient Egyptians. Let’s call it a modern interpretation of the Egyptian’s ideas.

PANDORA’s hand-finished charm bracelets encourage individuality, inspiring wearers to express themselves through personalizing their own bracelet. From leather, to precious metals, sterling silver and 14k gold charms combine pretty crystals, colourful enamel, Murano glass and wood. There’s something to suit everyone!

Anyway I’ve rambled on long enough – what I really wanted to tell you guys about is PANDORA’s new jewellery concept (which I think is genius): the ESSENCE COLLECTION!

This collection allows women to express our inner self and beliefs through 24 charms which represent values we hold, like joy, hope, love and compassion. The look of these bracelets is sleek, delicate and minimalist chic, an aesthetic I love – sometimes you don’t need a lotta bling to make a statement!

Now these ESSENCE bracelets don’t need to replace your existing PANDORA bracelet – PANDORA’s designer Lee Antony Gray says simply that “you can wear both; one expresses the moments in life, the other expresses the meanings.” That's cute, and means that hey! I can double Pandora ;)

PANDORA ESSENCE Collection is available in concept stores from November 4, which is today :)

Check out PANDORA ESSENCE x ELLE AUSTRALIA and see what you think!

For further info: PANDORA Facebook Page & PANDORA website

Happy Monday everyone,

x x Stace



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