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Summer is here; days are growing long while nights grow tantalisingly shorter. I'm thinking lazy cocktails on balconies and late night beach rendezvous need some appropriate attire. Presenting...*drumroll*...the LWD aka Little White Dress. Yes! White isperhaps a little trickier to pull off than the black that is our usual go to. Yet when done right, it's classy, confident and will effortlessly take you from the beach to the bar!!

Here are my recent white dress purchases:

L to R: MINKPINK (eBay) criss-cross dress, thrifted floral netted dress, Wish (eBay) crochet dress.

Can't wait to get some good wear into these babies in the warmer days ahead!! I wore the one in the middle to the Suzuki Night Market with Em and Miriam last Wednesday, might put up some pics for the next post :)


Oh and has everyone (in Australia I guess) voted for their fave songs in the Triple J hottest 100?? If not, get on it HERE.
I myself have voted, here is my various selections:

Lonely Boy - The Black Keys
Under Cover of Darkness - The Strokes
Velociraptor! - Kasabian
L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N - Noah and the Whale
Video Games - Lana Del Ray
Two Way Street - Kimbra
Dead-Beat - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Mermaids - Jinja Safari
Library Pictures- Arctic Monkeys
Part Time Believer - Boy & Bear


All this music is making me want to go to a music festival. Really wanted to go to Pyramid over New Year's but instead I'll be in Hepburn Springs with the fam, which I hope will be good! I don't get to spend a lot of time with them these days, this is a rare opportunity where all of us have time off work :)

What's everyone else doing for NYE? Anyone going to any music festivals so I can stalk your photos and such?

Stace x

For image sources click on the image :)

DIY-inspired jewellery!


I have been seeing all this awesome strings and ropes and beads stuff in the fashion world - I think DIY and friendship jewellery is really making a comeback!!
Definitely planning on making some colourful bracelets and necklaces like these ones!
They'd make great xmas presents that's for sure.
Em bought a cute handmade bracelet from the Suzuki night markets we went to tonight.
On another note can't believe it's the end of the year...2011 what happened?


Image source: refinery29


Thrifted from Salvos store coral top, beige skirt and brown mary janes
Forever New/Equip/Diva bracelets and armour ring
Beginning Boutique red/gold ring

Ooops. It's been another 3 weeks and I haven't been blogging.
Damn I'm over making excuses for it, let's just say I'm lazy. Heh.

Well first thing; thank you to Beginning Boutique for this lovely YSL-esque ring. It's got a massive red rock in it. BB boutique knows what makes a girl happy. Hehe.

Went thrifting with my lovely uni friends Jaz, Em, Alex and Molly.
Unfortunately didn't think to take any snaps of us, but my outfit was just a black tshirt and denim shorts,
as you know thrifting involves trying on 5731 items of old-people-smelling garments, so...y'know.

We had a little competition going - who could buy the most with $30.
Pretty much every one of us went over the budget, but I reckon Molly won, with 8 items at ~$40.
Nothing like a bit of stingy competition between uni students!!

Anyway I'm rambling and off track. But basically this outfit post, which was done indoors
cos I cbf going outside, consists of items from the Salvation army store on Sydney Rd.
And it cost me basically the price of a lunch and coffee. Win!

Christmas is fast approaching and asjkfhdkjgh present shopping and stuff is DA WERST.
I've been considering shopping online for gifts this year.
Also it's my best friend Evan's birthday tonight, I wanted to post his present on here but then I remembered that he reads my blog occasionally so I can't. PARTY TONIGHT SO GOTTA GOOOOO.

x Stace

Ps. Sorry for the verbal diarrhea. I write too much and have to many thoughts.
Pps. Screw you blogger I had to write this post twice thanks to you not saving it the first time. *grumble grumble*
Ppps. Come say hello to me on twitter! @teeandfame :)

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