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Thrifted from Salvos store coral top, beige skirt and brown mary janes
Forever New/Equip/Diva bracelets and armour ring
Beginning Boutique red/gold ring

Ooops. It's been another 3 weeks and I haven't been blogging.
Damn I'm over making excuses for it, let's just say I'm lazy. Heh.

Well first thing; thank you to Beginning Boutique for this lovely YSL-esque ring. It's got a massive red rock in it. BB boutique knows what makes a girl happy. Hehe.

Went thrifting with my lovely uni friends Jaz, Em, Alex and Molly.
Unfortunately didn't think to take any snaps of us, but my outfit was just a black tshirt and denim shorts,
as you know thrifting involves trying on 5731 items of old-people-smelling garments, so...y'know.

We had a little competition going - who could buy the most with $30.
Pretty much every one of us went over the budget, but I reckon Molly won, with 8 items at ~$40.
Nothing like a bit of stingy competition between uni students!!

Anyway I'm rambling and off track. But basically this outfit post, which was done indoors
cos I cbf going outside, consists of items from the Salvation army store on Sydney Rd.
And it cost me basically the price of a lunch and coffee. Win!

Christmas is fast approaching and asjkfhdkjgh present shopping and stuff is DA WERST.
I've been considering shopping online for gifts this year.
Also it's my best friend Evan's birthday tonight, I wanted to post his present on here but then I remembered that he reads my blog occasionally so I can't. PARTY TONIGHT SO GOTTA GOOOOO.

x Stace

Ps. Sorry for the verbal diarrhea. I write too much and have to many thoughts.
Pps. Screw you blogger I had to write this post twice thanks to you not saving it the first time. *grumble grumble*
Ppps. Come say hello to me on twitter! @teeandfame :)

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