Socks, sequins, PINK!

I've got a job interview on Tuesday, and it's for the store Forever New, which is a really feminine fashion store. I really like some of their stuff atm, I just bought a couple of pieces last week, including the cutest pink pleat skirt. I don't usually wear a lot of pink, but this is a nice dusky pink that isn't TOO girly! Although, to tone down the 'girl' factor I'm wearing a sequinned biker jacket haha. Typical.

The skirt I am in luuurve with, and a cute lacey top which I think I spent too money much on...

Pretty bangles, ah Forever new has the best jewellery ever :)

Forever New skirt, Target sequin biker jacket, black Diana Ferrari shoe, white vintage shoe, random black&white socks I found in my drawer.

Awesome shoes/socks right?

Okay, also I need you lovely bloggers' help with something:

Please please please tell me, honestly. Just cos I think I might wear this outfit to my job interview. Is the skirt appropriate? Uh I don't know :|

Anyway, enough of the photos. I'm off to Em's house tonight, wew we're going out (and also doing some Maths methods study possibly...ew).



Okay, the competition for the Ji Ji Kiki necklaces has now closed!

Ahaha and because I'm so evil, to find out you have to scroll down through pictures of my 18th birthday xD
I had a really great time with all of my friends, although a few of them got drunk which wasn't what I wanted to happen at my party...

Go nuts! Tell me what you thought of my outfit too :)

BTFL = best twin for lifeeeee ♥

My best friends Em and Miriam!

Miss Shop sequinned tiger dress; Pelaco blazer; Alannah Hill socks; Vintage shoes; Self-made leopard-print hair bow

I love this boy; we are "best twins for life", always and forever!!

Piano Cake that me and my mum made - it was so amazing and made me so so happy :)

AHAHA and last thing I wanted...was a 50th card (whaaat?!) and if you look at what I'm holding it's actually a sexy secretary outfit, complete with pen and thanks guys :P Ah well, I guess I'm only 18 once!

& woo congrats, you made it through.
The winners of my little necklace giveaway, decided my, are:

Ivy wins the Vintage Paris, Je t'aime necklace

Kirsty wins the Sadoko Origami Crane necklace

Ashley wins the Retro Camera necklace

Congrats, girls. I've sent you out an email and Emma from Ji Ji Kiki will be in touch with you shortly!


PS. I was featured on Wikifashion yesterday, thanks so much to Coen Hyde for letting me know!!
I can't find the screen shot I made...I'll post it when I do.
Check out Wikifashion, great little site going there :)

PPS. Happy 18th birthday to my lovely school-friend Jeremy!

PPS. I'm so sorry I haven't replied to the comments on the last couple of posts...stupid study vacation. I'll do it slowly, I promise.

Willow: Spring 2011 RTW

Ah the lovely Kit Willow has impressed me greatly in her new Spring collection!
Inspired by nature, evidently, she's designed a lush digital print on silk tulle and a cotton viscose knit from an enlarged image of a wild zebra's mohawk and cut them into an asymmetrically draped party dress and a tank and sarong pant set, just for starters.

Balancing tribal, smooth Mr. Zebra print, Willow embellished a black zip-up vest minidress with metal and plastic paillettes and tossed it over an acid yellow bra. Ingenious.

Oh and check out the video - amazing stuff!

Spring is here at last and I really couldn't be happier :D

Oh and got my wisom teeth out. I'm swollen as hell, around the face, and it's NOT attractive, so unfortunately no outfit posts for a couple of days at least!


PS. JI JI KIKI GIVEAWAY STILL GOING! You have until the 21st of September to enter this :)

ALSO: Emma from Ji Ji Kiki has been so kind, she's set up a 15% discount for you guys, my readers! You just need to enter the code TEEFAME at the checkout to get the discount. It will expire on 20th September, so you've got a few days to decide what to get yourself :)

GIVEAWAY: Ji Ji Kiki Boutique

Tonight's my birthday party! Wooo can't wait, it's gonna go OFF with a bang, since it's the first day of our three-week Spring break!!!

Also, recieved a special package in the mail from Ji Ji Kiki, and I just adore the 'Petit Lapin' necklace sent to me as a birthday present!

More pics of this outfit and day, maybe in the next post!

Emma, who runs Ji Ji Kiki, has agreed to answer a few questions about her business and herself too.

Let's start with an introduction to what Ji Ji Kiki is?
Ji Ji Kiki is an online boutique with a vintage, kitsch and kawaii touch. We sell jewellery, accessories and clothing from a selection of independent designers from around the world.

Emma, now tell me a bit about yourself and what inspires you.
I've always wanted to run my own business and whilst at uni I sold vintage jewellery and accessories on eBay. I loved it and did quite well from it (it kept me in gig tickets!) so when I left uni I decided to carry on.
I did a couple of temp jobs when I left uni, but as the business started getting busier I decided to take the plunge, setting up a website and running Ji Ji Kiki full time-luckily its paid off. It can be a lot of hard work and sometimes when I'm packaging orders or making jewellery at 2 o'clock in the morning I wonder if I'm mad but then I think of my friends having to sit in rush hour traffic everyday...which makes me feel better ;)

Where do you want to see Ji Ji Kiki Boutique in 5 years' time?
I'd love to keep building and expanding the number of indie designers we stock, to be the place to go if you want something quirky and unique. We've only been stocking clothes for the last couple of months, so that is definitely something we'll be expanding too.
I love getting our customers involved in the site and getting their feedback on our Facebook page and through emails. I think the interaction between online shops and customers is so important as you don't have the face-to-face interaction you would with a bricks and mortar shop.

Now, the gorgeous *GIVEAWAY* for all of you guys out there who read my little blog :)

There are three pieces up for grabs:

Vintage Paris, Je t'aime necklace

Sadoko Origami Crane necklace, in either Silver or Gold

Retro Camera necklace in red or black

To enter this awesome give-away simply:

- Comment below with your email address, which of the above necklaces is your fave and why.
- Followers get an extra entry, so follow me via Bloglovin of Google Connect and let me know in your comment <3
- Become a fan Ji Ji Kiki on Facebook for another entry!

I will announce the winner of this give-away on the 21st of September.

ALSO: Emma has been so kind, she's set up a 15% discount for you guys, my readers! You just need to enter the code TEEFAME at the checkout to get the discount. It will expire on 20th September, so get cracking :)

Just a small reward for my readers & followers; you guys are the ones who keep me blogging on, even when I feel like resigning myself to reading everyone else's blogs and giving up! I really appreciate the support more than you know :)

So click through to Ji Ji Kiki Boutique - Emma's got a huge range of kitsch, adorable and quirky jewellery which is SO affordable (shipping is free for UK orders, £3.50 (approx $5.40 USD/$5.80 AUD) for international orders and free for orders over £40) and also hit up the Ji Ji Kiki Facebook page for updates.

Have a great weekend everyone!
I'm going to go and get ready for my 18th part-ay now ;)


18th Birth Anniversary :)

Today is my 18th birthday! I've been waiting for this day for SO long; the day I become and adult, and can drive, vote, I'm 18 and it's time to partay :D

Met Emma for breakfast in Yarraville (if you remember, Yarraville is our favourite place to have a feed) at 9:30, so nice and early pretty much. Almost slept in, hence turning up virtually make-up-less (bit of eyeliner), and Emma practically did the same, woo classy :D

Had the most amazing meals, at a place called Java Cafe. Egg, spinach, toast, hashbrown; pancakes with maple syrup and strawberries. Heaven heaven heaven!!

Military jacket detailsss :)

Ohhhh and these photos are taken on...dun dun dun...a new camera that I recieved from my parents! I wasn't expecting anything, so to wake up with a brand new camera was just amazing :) Thanks mummy & daddy!

I am wearing: $2 op-shop find black jacket, $12 Deborah K grey military jacket, Giordano tie-dye leggings, Mum's boots, Diva necklace.

I have been crazily experimenting with all the settings on my camera, and still haven't worked them out haha. Might have to read the manual.

Also, making hair bows and selling them for charity - an orphanage in Siem Reap, Cambodia called Kampuchea House. Year 12s are having a "mega-mart" with stalls of food, games and apparel on the last day of term (Friday) so that should be fun!!

I really really love the leopard print and florals, and will defs have trouble resisting the urge to keep them all for myself...

All in all, a great birthday. Thanks to anyone who actually bothered to read this massive post!! Lots more exciting things to come, I hope :)

PS. I love you Em! For those of you who haven't read Em's blog, Studs and Supernovas, please do so!

PPS. I'm doing a birthday give-away with a gorgeous retro jewellery store next week, so don't miss out :) The pieces I chose are the cutest ever ;)

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