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Okay, the competition for the Ji Ji Kiki necklaces has now closed!

Ahaha and because I'm so evil, to find out you have to scroll down through pictures of my 18th birthday xD
I had a really great time with all of my friends, although a few of them got drunk which wasn't what I wanted to happen at my party...

Go nuts! Tell me what you thought of my outfit too :)

BTFL = best twin for lifeeeee ♥

My best friends Em and Miriam!

Miss Shop sequinned tiger dress; Pelaco blazer; Alannah Hill socks; Vintage shoes; Self-made leopard-print hair bow

I love this boy; we are "best twins for life", always and forever!!

Piano Cake that me and my mum made - it was so amazing and made me so so happy :)

AHAHA and last thing I wanted...was a 50th card (whaaat?!) and if you look at what I'm holding it's actually a sexy secretary outfit, complete with pen and glasses...hm thanks guys :P Ah well, I guess I'm only 18 once!

& woo congrats, you made it through.
The winners of my little necklace giveaway, decided my random.org, are:

Ivy wins the Vintage Paris, Je t'aime necklace

Kirsty wins the Sadoko Origami Crane necklace

Ashley wins the Retro Camera necklace

Congrats, girls. I've sent you out an email and Emma from Ji Ji Kiki will be in touch with you shortly!


PS. I was featured on Wikifashion yesterday, thanks so much to Coen Hyde for letting me know!!
I can't find the screen shot I made...I'll post it when I do.
Check out Wikifashion, great little site going there :)

PPS. Happy 18th birthday to my lovely school-friend Jeremy!

PPS. I'm so sorry I haven't replied to the comments on the last couple of posts...stupid study vacation. I'll do it slowly, I promise.

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