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I've been enjoying seeing people wearing sneakers with their outfits recently - the most comfy pair of footwear is making a fashion statement this season!

My friend Twee from Ezzentric Topz has been styling 1 sneaker, 5 looks HERE so check it out.

I was considering the wedge sneakers everyone is crazy about atm, but after seeing these pics, I will most definitely be wearing my flat sneakers more often now :)

images from stockholmstreetstyle &

x x Stace

MSFW Runway #1 - Part 2

Here's the second part to the photos I snapped last Tuesday at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week!

Michael Lo Sordo

Loved the metallics and aquas!


Some gorgeous stuff as always from Ellery - defs still a favourite of mine!

I really enjoyed attending the show - although I saw a lot of things that I thought were totally already out of date - I mean, peplums, florals and neons are sooo last season. Hahah.

x x Stace

All images taken by Stacy Long, if you use them please credit!

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MSFW Runway #1 - Part 1

So some of you might have read below that I attend a the MSFW Runway 1 on Tuesday for my birthday. I have to say the venue was slightly disappointing but the clothes were nice.

& oh, I got moved to the front because there were spare seats. Winner winner chicken dinner!


Just a sorry in advance for the blurry/crooked pics and the heads in the way - this was my first time taking photos of a runway so...yeah haha. Plus I only had a point n shoot on me.



Ahhhh makes me want a wedding! Only to wear the dresses though - I don't actually wanna get married...loved those head pieces too - very unique and such exquisite detailing.


Pic above from

Ah such a fun and happy collection! I loved the mixed textures, prints and colours.


img above from

img above via

AMAZING! The cut and colour of the dresses, and oh! those headpieces were spectacular. Blew my mind!

Michael Lo Sordo, Ellery and Lui Hon were also featured - but come back tomorrow to ogle those pics maybe ;) Don't wanna spam you guys with too many pics at once!

It was a great show - I'm so glad I got to go with my lovely blogger girls! More photos of the ladies & the fab street style/outfits they wore are on the way!!

Aaaaaand the b'day celebrations continue - I'm going out tonight with ze housemate, boyf and a few others. Should be fuuuun I'll try to get some outfit photos hehe.

x x Stace

All images copyright Stacy Long unless otherwise captioned.

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Sonic Youth

Beginning Boutique's newest lookbook is so bangin'.
Tam the model has the most gorgeous skin and is such a natural!

Featuring brands such as Stylestalker, BamBam clothing and Evil Twin, it's really got my wishlist growing!!
Love that digi-print floral on the Stylestalker blazer!

It's my birthday today :) Melbourne has given me the loveliest 24 degree sunny day, and I couldn't be happier.
Just had dinner with the family + bf tonight, and now a fashion show at MSFW with my blogger babes yay!
Designer Runway Show #1, with Ellery & Michael Lo Sordo and other amazing designers :)

Hope everyone's having a great day.

x x Stace

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double leather.

Target aviator jacket
Somedays Lovin' bralette
Beginning Boutique neck cuff
Topshop skirt
Sportsgirl tights
Tony Bianco shoes

Decided to go a little goth-chic the other day with the lace up bralette, double leather, rose lace tights and dark lipstick. Quite enjoyed rocking this look - did get a couple of weird stares at the post office though! Oh well.

So glad the sun has decided to come out and play in Melbourne the last week, I hope it stays :) My birthday is on Tuesday so fingers crossed for some sunshine and warmth!

Hope everyone's had a good weekend and Happy Father's Day to any dads out there (I don't think there would be any reading this but whatevz.)

xoxo Stace

PS. I got a birthday dress! It's all embellished and beaded and is a colour I don't usually wear, can't wait to show you guys.

TUMBLR // INSTAGRAM: @teeandfameblog

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