double leather.

4:11 PM

Target aviator jacket
Somedays Lovin' bralette
Beginning Boutique neck cuff
Topshop skirt
Sportsgirl tights
Tony Bianco shoes

Decided to go a little goth-chic the other day with the lace up bralette, double leather, rose lace tights and dark lipstick. Quite enjoyed rocking this look - did get a couple of weird stares at the post office though! Oh well.

So glad the sun has decided to come out and play in Melbourne the last week, I hope it stays :) My birthday is on Tuesday so fingers crossed for some sunshine and warmth!

Hope everyone's had a good weekend and Happy Father's Day to any dads out there (I don't think there would be any reading this but whatevz.)

xoxo Stace

PS. I got a birthday dress! It's all embellished and beaded and is a colour I don't usually wear, can't wait to show you guys.

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