December has been a month of mostly work and not a lot of play. Hence why on the morning of Christmas I'm trying to get a post done on the blog, to make up for my previous few weeks of absence. I have been juggling three retail jobs at Highpoint which has been insane!! Just finished the overnight trade working a shift to 3am then getting up to start at 8am the next day. Yeowch.

It's been hot and cold and windy and rainy and sunny and dry in equal parts, as per Melbourne's typical weather patterns. On a hot day on the weekend I wore this khaki/cream combo.

Forever New top
Bardot skirt
Windsor Smith sandals

I'm trying to incorporate more lighter colours into my summer wardrobe, and I think the white shoes really help! They encourage me to wear the white stuff I own instead of always opting for black/grey. Anyway keep cool everyone, I'll keep it short & sweet for now.

Time to open my Christmas pressies & eat lotsa food!


x x Stace


So I'll have you know that today is actually the 4th of December. Meaning 22 DAYS 'TIL CHRISTMAS, HO HO HO! Seriously, the latter part of this year has just flown. I feel as if it was a couple of weeks ago that semester 2 at uni started. So it's THAT time of year when everyone is crazily trying to head to Melbourne Central or Highpoint or Chadstone Shopping Centre to get their present shopping done. And I don't need to remind you do I - it's a nightmare! The crowds, the grumpy sales assistants (I swear I'm not one of those!) and the time and money going into it all.

So I've compiled a basic gift guide for you - this is the girls' edition - men's to come soon! I'm sure there is something in here to suit most of the lovely ladies in your life without breaking the bank :) Simply click on the image to purchase.

GLASSHOUSE Montego Bay Triple-Scented Candle, $39.90

For anyone who is into candles, decor and lovely smelling things, this candle smells luscious, and it comes in multiple flavours as well to suit different personalities. One of my favourites is the Montego Bay which is coconut and lime flavoured, it is both refreshing and sweet. My second favourite has to be Tahaa which is a vanilla/caramel. I can guarantee if you smell these you'll want one for yourself too!

DOGEARED Whispers Infinity Necklace, $69.95

This is a personalised gift for someone who is tricky to buy for - it is delicate and you can choose many different quotes and charms on these necklaces. The infinity is a beautiful sentiment but there are also hearts, skulls, music notes, wishbones, lightning bolts and more that you can choose from. Products are gold dipped or sterling silver so excellent quality! Browse the Mocha site for some other Dogeared products.

KESTER BLACK nail polish, $17

These polishes come in an assortment of gorgeous colours, I particularly love the glitter polishes - the one above is Supernova. They are perfect stocking fillers or Kris Kringle gifts, plus they are Australian made! I always endorse Aussie/local products and these are also trendy and cute!

APPLE iPad Mini, from $349

It's compact, it's useful and it's a whole lot of fun, what more can I say? The iPad mini is definitely a gift for a loved one - one who loves technology and staying connected! You have full access to all of the wonderful apps in the appstore, social media, games, you can read the news and emails, the list goes on. I don't think I have to sell this one much :P

MIMCO Mim Pouch, $69.95

These are a cult classic among the seriously stylish, with various leathers and colours available in this style. The Calculus in the picture above is a unique colour and pattern which is small, easy to carry and has a pretty good reputation around Melbourne and beyond so nab one for any fashion loving girls in your life :)

MARC JACOBS Honey Perfume 30ml, $75

Yet another of Marc Jacobs' offerings in the fragrance department, the Honey scent is absolutely charming. This is a gift for a sweet girl who will rock this signature scent, or really for anyone who loves to smell sweet and dainty. The bottle is a work of art, as always :)

BILLABONG Beach Towel, $49.99

For the active girl who loves to hit the beach or go for a surf, this towel is the epitome of class. It's got the coolest print on it ever and is sure to turn heads on the beach - though I'm sure she will too in a killer bikini! 100% Cotton Velour to keep your skin feeling dry and soft on the sand.

So I hope there's something here that's caught your eye for your mum or girlfriend or sister or friend. Let me know what you think of these products!! REMEMBER: just click the images above to buy. Keep your eyes peeled for the next instalement of the Xmas Gift Guide - for the blokes ;)

x x Stace

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