I'm 23 years old and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

This blog is my diary of sorts, my inspiration and my portfolio of thoughts & photos & ideas.

It was created during a late night brainstorm which occurred during my last year of high school - I was up late trying to procrastinate instead of studying and voila... tee&fame was born.

I am a creative spirit - I attempted but abandoned a Science degree to pursue my true love, music, at the Melbourne Conservatorium and I have never been happier creating, making and performing. I'm half way through my Masters in Music Therapy, which has been inspiring, challenging and rewarding for me.

Besides music, I also love fashion, drawing, photography, writing & styling. I try to combine all of these when putting together my posts and showcasing my outfits and showing you guys my life.

Oh and I love eating copious amounts of good food & lifting heavy things ;)

I live for spontaneous song & dance, and I live for nature - being outdoors and grounded is a high priority for me. I'm a city girl at heart though! I started a blog so I could show everyone the things I love, and inspire others to create, photograph, design, party, dress up & be happy!

I'm Stacy, it's nice to meet you :)

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