Summer Fashion ft. 2threads and Billabong!

Soo 2threads, teamed up with he uber popular Aussie surf brand Billabong, have again come up with another awesome blog initiative, to share what Summer fashion means to me! Inspired by the great weather we've had in recent days in Melbourne, I've compiled a little post here for you guys.

To me, Summer fashion is effortless, and only has two rules you must stick to: be both stylish and comfortable.
The only "must-have" is a great swimming costume and the confidence to pull it off once you hit the sand!

Here are some great picks for the Summer:

Billabong Bliss

Billabong Liv

Billabong Amaze

Billabong Poser

Billabong Amore

Then slip on something that doesn't require buttons, belts, shoelaces or other annoyances that might hinder the strip you must undergo at the beach - a simple sundress, a crop top and skirt, an oversized singlet, or the beach classic - a pair of ripped denim cut-offs and a cute tee. Outfit done and dusted, now to hit the waves!

Beach essentials:
1. A large beach bag that can hold all of your stuff, like this one from Billabong.
2. A beach towel, to sunbathe on AND to dry yourself so that you don't get wet patches on your clothes later on.
3. Sunnies and suncreen and a sunhat
4. Phone
5. Snacks. For those post-swimming hunger pangs. Duh.
6. Sunscreen; nothing worse than turning into a lobster the day after. Be SunSmart at all times :)
7. Camera, I can tell you there will be plenty of Kodak moments!
8. (Optional): Portable speakers and an iPod to pump out some Summer tunes!!

Don't forget to swim between the flags, and remember: beach fashion is about STYLE and COMFORT. Don't compromise!

Though there is only one month left of glorious Summer, it's gong to be a great!

"The Alice"

Arabella Ramsay's newest collection. Inspired by Australiana.
Highlights: crazy floral print, even crazier animal print, nanna socks w/shoes combo, snug knits, furry things, and that really pretty apricot-y lace skirt (droool much?)!

See more of this delicious goodness on Arabella Ramsays' Facebook.

Click it!



Just thought I might share some photos of NYE with you, as well as pictures of my Friday night with the two best friends :)

We had a pretty quiet New Year's celebration at a friend's house, swam in her pool/sat in the spa then returned to another friend's house where his parents cooked us some munchies, we drank champagne out of disposable cups and we played Guitar Hero til midnight! Then New Year's Day was with the fam, just chilling in the city. Hello 2011, nice to meet ya.

Don't Ask Amanda floral shirt Supre denims

Friday night was an altogether different affair with the coming-of-age of M (the blonde hottie). We had fun dancing and sitting in our little corner and talking to two random guys that lined up with us at the door and drinking a bit too, so yes HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU M! It was Asian night at the club we went to, so we were actually the tallest girls there that night (no offence short Asians :D)

My best friends ^^ Once some random came up to us and called us Charlie's Angels, ahaha.

I'm going to miss M so muchhh, she's going to Canberra for ADFA - defence force academy - and I hope she comes back to visit lots!!

PS. Apparently I've posted my 100th post! A couple of posts back I do believe. WOOHOO.
It's also getting close to the 1st birthday of TEE&FAME, how terribly exciting this all is.
Thanks for supporting me all this way, couldn't have done it without you lovelies ;)

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