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One Teaspoon baggies // Kmart knit // Aacute necklace // PARED sunglasses

Sunny days galore, it's weird how as soon as I start saying winter's here, and put away my sunglasses into the drawer, it gets warm again!! Guess Summer still isn't letting go although I have a feeling this might be its last hurrah. Boyfriend jeans are still my go to because I can sit in them for ages and eat meals without feeling annoyed like I do with skinny jeans. The only prob is when it's windy my knees suffer greatly. Sorry knees...

One Teaspoon definitely has my heart - I'm saving up to get a black pair of boyfriend jeans from them too that can wear to uni :) Speaking of uni, I feel quite excited as I have only one more week of classes + exams, then I officially FINISH my music degree! Wewwwww well that's if I pass everything but...so far so good guys.

Happy hump day errybody.

x x Stace

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