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11:34 PM

London Fashion Week. All the way on the other side of the globe. I must admit, I don't follow LFW as closely as I do the other Fashion Weeks. Temperley London's S/S 14 collection caught my eye though, while I was flicking through the different collections online.

This collection is very...well how do I put it - Pink - in essence. Usually I'm not the hugest fan of pink, but the way it's been treated is beautiful! There are sheer fabrics, boxy shapes & girly drapes, laser-cut out pieces, shimmers and detailed textures and patterns and at least three shades of fuchsia as well as a paler, ice-cream palette including vanilla, mint and caramel *mmmm yum*. And some black too :)

It's romantic, and bold and fresh and I'm loving it! Anyway I'll stop rambling so you can enjoy the pictures :)

See what I mean? Amazing stuff. I lovelovelove that purpley-leopard dress in the last look.
Anyway I'm super impressed with a designer I hadn't been too familiar with before.
I guess that's the beauty of fashion, it's such a purely aesthetic and creative process that there's walys new interesting things to ogle and drool over :)

Enjoy and have a good weekend people!!

x x Stace

pics from fashionising.com

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