Blue floral.

11:35 AM

Spring means florals. It's inevitable. I feel it when I walk outside my door in the morning and there are blossoms on the trees and bees busily buzzing around my garden. I also feel it as soon as I begin to sneeze uncontrollably...ah hayfever.

Sportsgirl skirt/necklace, Kmart shoes

I love a blouse that is printed and can be carried off with only the basics. A black skirt and booties let's the flowery goodness speak for itself. It's a simple outfit that I can wear to work (maybe with a longer skirt) which is fun & flirty but also professional and school-appropriate :)

Was my brother's 18th on the weekend. I wore floral printed pants. Floral is awesome, in small doses. Which I really never thought I'd say, ever. I used to hate it, but these days I can pull it off without being too girly!

x x Stace



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